How CloudVO Helps Flexible Office Operators

If you are an operator, we pay you according to actual usage of Day Offices, Conference Rooms, and other services used locally by our users, based on the wholesale price you provide to us. In some cases, we will resell your virtual office, as part of a bundle of our services purchased by our clients.

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CloudVO is not a broker. We are your client.

The users we send to your center are employed by companies who may be local, national, or international. Our business model is predicated upon our ability to purchase conference room hours, coworking day passes and virtual office business address services at a 25% discount from your retail price (50% for day offices). In exchange for this discount, we provide you with expanded revenue opportunities that require no marketing or advertising expenses on your side, no hassle with collections since you invoice all usage to CloudVO, and a rigorous vetting process of new users. We bring the emerging corporate market to your doorstep – a really exciting business opportunity for the entire workspace industry that we build together.

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Our CloudTouchdown Network

The CloudTouchdown network is a curated, managed network of international coworking and flexible office space providers located around the world. The CloudTouchdown network provides an immediate solution for access to office, meeting room and coworking spaces for your client’s use – wherever, and whenever they need. Being a part of CloudVO immediately provides you international reach which puts you in the same category of service provider as Regus and WeWork.

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What our Partners receive:

  • Free locally branded collateral that shows you deliver local service with a global reach
  • Free VIP discount cards to your local clients (a $288/year per client value)
  • A superior alternative to Regus BusinessWorld Card, in partnership with other independent workspace providers across the world
  • Access to corporate accounts and out-of-the-area mobile workers
  • Increased revenue from meeting room bookings
  • Increased revenue from desirable corporate traffic

With virtual office memberships, our partner centers receive:

  • Pre-signed, CMRA compliant, vetted virtual office clients
  • Ongoing monthly payments for services provided
  • Free international advertising
  • Your brand and logo visible in CloudVO collateral, including websites
  • Leading social media exposure
  • CloudVO partner label of quality
  • Increased revenue from desirable corporate traffic

Expand your member reach by joining our global network.

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