Meet the CloudVO Experts!

Meet our Experts at the
Global Workspace Association Conference

September 10-13, 2014, Boca Raton, FL

Corner them in Boca… and ask all you’ve ever wanted to know about running a Workspace-as-a-Service operation. Collectively they have close to 100 years of experience running on-demand workplaces. And they love to share!

Meet the CloudVO Experts

What to ask them?

Laurent Dhollande, our CEO, started Pacific Workplaces 10 years ago and ran a portfolio of 15 business centers prior to dedicating the majority of his time to running CloudVO.  Don’t hesitate to corner him at the conference for one-on-one advice. Many CloudVO partners call Laurent regularly for marketing or lease-related advice. He’ll make himself available in Boca to anyone, CloudVO partner or not!

Kassandra Salas, our CloudAnswering Operations Manager, runs our East Coast to West Coast Live Answering service, managing several thousands of calls everyday.  She will tell you how we provide wholesale phone answering services to operators, the pros and cons of outsourcing that service, and share tips of the phone answering trade with you.

Keith Warner, CloudVO Co-founder & Chief Social Personality, has over 25 years of experience providing virtual office services. He has also been on the forefront of the social media movement, with a large following on almost all the social media platforms! He can give helpful tips to boost your own fan base, and enlighten you with his knowledge of social media.

Kate Plew, our CloudVO Marketing Manager, is our expert on Search Engine Management. Google has few secrets left for her, and she’ll share with you all tricks of the SEO and Pay-per-click art and science. How about emerging marketing channels? How about the effectiveness (or not) of traditional advertising media? Ask Kate!

Tracy Wilson, our COO, has been an operator of Business Centers for over 2 decades. She knows all the ins and outs of day-to-day management of a business center. As the chair of the GWA Fraud Prevention Committee, she has experience identifying and discouraging even the most clever would-be fraudsters who dare to utilize our industry services. Feel free to look to her as a resource if you have questions about fraud watch.

Scott Chambers is a CloudVO Co-founder and the current GWA President-elect, which gives you two good reasons not to be shy asking him anything on any subject. Add his day job as COO of Pacific Workplaces, and you have someone who has collected as many medals on his Workspace-as-a-Service industry chest as General MacArthur after WWII. Scott has been around the block, having opened and managed close to 20 business centers over his lifetime. If he does not know the answer to your question, you can bet he’ll find someone that does!

Jamie Garbisch, our CloudVO Partner Relations Manager, manages all aspects of new partner sign ups and works hand-in-hand with our partners to support them long after they sign up. Feel free to ask Jamie about any of the CloudVO products, or for guidance in product pricing in your area. Jamie routinely connects with hundreds of operators every year and is one of the sharpest observers of the supply side of the Virtual Office business.

Oh… and don’t forget to ask them all about CloudTouchdown

The State of the Workspace-as-a-Service Industry by Scott Chambers, GWA President-elect.

Download Scott Chambers' WANY Presentation
Download Scott’s presentation, The State of the Workspace-as-a-Service Industry

Scott Chambers, COO of Pacific Workplaces and President-elect of the Global Workspace Association, recently shared his vision for embracing new elements of our industry, and gave us his view on the amazing reshaping and vitality of our industry at the Workspace Association New York (WANY) Annual Conference on June 13, 2014.

Scott inscribed the Workspace-as-a-Service industry squarely as a central part of the Sharing Economy, not unlike companies such as Uber, AirBnB, Chegg, or Dropbox. What these companies have in common with providers of Office Business Centers, coworking places, incubator space, and other forms of on-demand workplaces, is a similar value proposition of making an expensive, managed infrastructure available on a pay-per-need basis, sharing idle resources, and eliminating waste; with community-building as a critical enabler of the “sharing” process.

Scott Chambers Speaking at WANY

Scott articulated a compelling case to also place our industry as the core foundation for workplace mobility, along with the explosion of mobile tools, which Keith Warner, another speaker at the conference brilliantly developed with his Bring-Your-Own-Workplace discussion in the same meeting.

Sharing EconomyData extrapolated from multiple sources, including the GWA 2013 Industry Survey, Regus’ Annual Report, CloudVO, and Emergent Research, shows that our industry is headed down an exceptional course in welcoming this Sharing Economy. Scott revealed that the Shared Office Space segment of our industry worldwide in 2013 was over 14,000 locations strong, generated $10.9 billion in revenue, paid nearly $5 billion in rent, employed over 40,000 people, and hosted approximately 35 million meeting hours!

Scott’s next stop for a more in-depth discussion on the subject, with more exciting news is the Global Workspace Association’s 28th Annual Education Conference in Boca Raton, Florida, September 10-13, 2014. For more information, consult our Workspace Provider Resource Center. Join our Workplace-as-a-Service ™ LinkedIN Discussion Group for more data-driven discussions with our community of workspace providers, one chewable data-bite at a time.

CloudVO ™ Team

It’s Earth Day Everyday In The Workspace-as-a-Service Industry

How On-Demand Workspace Providers help save 121,00 tons of CO2 annually!

How On-Demand Workspace Providers help save 121,00 tons of CO2 annually!

CO2 Emission Reduction

Yesterday was Earth Day 2014. This was a good day for each of us to spend a few minutes taking stock of the role we play in protecting the earth and its resources.  Or, in some cases, recognizing that we are not paying enough attention to being good stewards of our precious planet.  There is always room for improvement, but we have some good news for our Workspace-as-a-Service colleagues.

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Is it a Strategic Mistake for Business Centers to provide a Coworking Offering?

I am tempted to say: Yes, be careful!

Coworking CrossroadsThis answer may surprise many of you. I have been an enthusiastic observer of coworking ever since ‘The Work Club’ started in Emeryville, CA, in 2004. I believe that all players in the Workspace-as-a-Service arena will eventually converge to offer a menu of choices ranging from private offices and professional meeting rooms to coworking options, all under the same roof. Walking the walk, as CEO of Pacific Business Centers, I drove our own experimentation with coworking 3 years ago.

So am I disavowing my own coworking strategy while at the helm of Pacific?

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