How Coworking Operators can Create A Positive Work-Culture for their Employees

There’s interesting data about how coworking makes members happier, more social, and more successful.

But what about the people who run coworking spaces?

Their jobs are fast-paced and require a skill set that ranges from being tech savvy, responsive and organized, to having high emotional intelligence. Space operators and community managers have to handle a lot on a day-to-day basis, and they have to do it while running a space, making sure members have what they need, and staying calm.

It’s not an easy job.

As workspace owners and operators, it’s important to create a positive work culture for the people running your space and business. Coworking is an exciting field to work in, but it has small profit margins and requires flexibility, both personal and professional.

As Tracy Wilson, managing partner at Pacific Workplaces explains, “Our business is not a high paying business. No one will get rich, and there aren’t a lot of layers when it comes to climbing a career ladder.”

For Wilson and the Pacific Workplaces team, creating a positive culture is vital to attracting and retaining talented, engaged people.

“The culture does matter,” Wilson says. “It’s worth something, and that’s one of the things we can provide.”

positive work environment and support

She offers the following tips on creating a positive culture for workspace teams of all sizes.

Be of Service to Your Team

Perhaps the most important thing for a workspace owner or operator is to be of service to your team. It goes hand-in-hand with running a sustainable business. This is something that is woven into the cultural fabric of Pacific Workplace and CloudVO.

“Our management and employment style is to be of service to our employees,” says Wilson. “We’re here to hopefully make their day-to-day job as happy as it can be, within the context of work. When issues come up, we do everything we can to accommodate and to help them. We are here to help them do a better job.”

Train People to Go On to Bigger and Better

Challenge people to bring their best to work, both intellectually and emotionally. And give them your best so they can go on to bigger and better things.

team decisions at a meeting

“I believe the best thing is to give people whatever skills we can give them while tuning into their passions, and helping them build a repertoire to leave us,” says Wilson. “We like it when people stay, but it’s always a little bit happy when they go, because they always go onto something bigger, and, hopefully, better.”

She adds, “We do have people leave and come back though.”

Establish Caring as a Company Value

One of the sayings at Pacific Workplaces is, “We care.” The leadership team sets a tone that the company cares for its clients, its investors, its vendors but, as Wilson says, “Mostly we care for each other.”

She stresses that the ownership group is “very tight around this topic” saying that it’s probably the only thing they’ve never had a disagreement about. Whatever is going on in the company and in individual spaces, a sense of caring and mitigating frustrations and challenges is always top-of-mind for the team.

Be Accessible

At Pacific Workplaces and CloudVO, any employee is free to go to the top with questions, challenges or concerns.

Wilson explains that the top “isn’t very high in our small company,” but says if anybody in the company wants to talk to her or COO Scott Chambers, or managing partner Keith Warner, or CEO Laurent Dhollande, it’s just a matter of sending an email.

Team Gatherings

It’s important for members of a team to meet in real life and get to know each other—even when that team is distributed across cities or regions. Plan regular in-person gatherings that go beyond business meetings.

pac day 2018 - east bay team

Create fun opportunities for your team to connect, get some work done, and celebrate together.

“It’s important,” says Wilson, “to give people the one-on-one experience of getting to know one another.”

Be Human

When someone makes a mistake, acknowledge the humanness of imperfection, whenever possible, and find the best solution. This approach to problem-solving is contagious and can be found throughout a workspace once the tone is established.

Empower Community Managers to Empower their Members

Find ways where members can help themselves and take a load off of your team. For instance, empower members to install their own print drivers and to make coffee when they take the last of it.

As Wilson explains, “We’re here to help, but we don’t need to do everything. Having the technology and norms to take some things off their to-do list is important.”

Give All Employees Ownership of the Space

Support team members in the day-to-day running of the workspace. If something needs to be done, find ways for people to help, regardless of what their role in the company is.

“There is no job that an owner is too big to do,” says Wilson. “If you walk into a center and there’s a copier jam, and it requires being on the floor finding the problem, that’s what’s required. Or there’s no coffee, or the sink is full, you deal with it. It’s everybody’s job to help with whatever needs to be done.”

She adds that, “It’s all hand on deck, so these jobs don’t always fall on one person.”

Get to Know Your Team (and Their Goals)

Take the time to get to know your team members. This includes having a Q2 QMM Photo Strip at NSBEclear understanding of their career goals. For instance, if a team member plans to be a CPA when they finish school, find finance-related jobs for them to do.

As Wilson advises, “Help them start building a repertoire of skills they’ll use later on.”

For instance, Pacific Workplaces has one staffer who wants to be a corporate health and wellness professional, so Wilson gave her a regular column in the company newsletter called “Health Corner.”

“By the time she goes into job interviews,” says Wilson, “she can show them this column as an example of what she did in her last job.”

It’s not always possible to align people’s passions and work goals with their job duties, but be creative about finding ways to engage peoples whole selves. One Pacific Workplaces team member is a horse lover. She and Wilson are looking for ways to potentially align these seemingly disparate interests.

“I asked her to help me identify how to bring her passion into the office,” says Wilson. “Maybe we do a fundraiser. We make a concerted effort. It doesn’t always work. If it really is just horses, I might not be able to, but I’d like to try.”

The Benefit of a Positive Work Culture on the Bottom Line

In addition to providing an enjoyable workspace experience, positive work culture is also good for business.

“We’re in a tight job market,” says Wilson. “For all the workspace operators, their employees have a lot of other options right now. There is certainly a practical reason for being the employer of choice. And, even in not-so-tight job markets, being the employer of choice in our industry gives you all sorts of advantages.”

Wilson says that a positive work culture should “always be what you strive for, for practical business reasons.” In addition to that, she adds that “there’s more joy when you’re surrounded by people who are happy, and you can contribute to their happiness. That’s a reason in and of itself to keep coming to work and keep doing what you’re doing.”

She adds, “If you’re somebody who is motivated by a large paycheck, then you’re probably not for us. But, if a pleasant place to work, with a lot of unique people and a lot of different things to do, and no day being the same, and having part of your job being chatting and getting to know people is your thing, then we’re for you.”

by Cat Johnson, storyteller and content strategist for the coworking movement.

About CloudVO

CloudVO  is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.


CloudVO City Guide: Washington, D.C.

In the next CloudVO City guide, we take a closer look at our shared workspace locations in Washington, D.C. This compact city is known for many things other than being the United States Capitol and the center of the U.S. government. It’s also known for its historic national monuments, famous museums, having a growing economy, and being one of the most visited cities in the world. 

CloudVO City Guide Washington DC

The economy and tourists drive tons of business to Washington, D.C. and make it the ideal place to have your business address, hold meetings, or utilize the amenities of a shared workspace to build your business.  The city offers lots of cultural activities, entertainment, shopping, festivals, outdoor recreation, and great restaurants. We are breaking down D.C. into its respective neighborhoods to take a closer look at the shared workspaces that CloudVO offers.

Virgina- Reston
CloudVO partner, Carr Workplaces Reston Town Center offers Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms and is optimally located close to dozens of high-tech companies and offers both commercial and retail entities. This meeting space is sure to project the professional image your business deserves. In addition, Reston- Library Street is conveniently located near a plethora of local restaurants, bars, and cafes. Another CloudVO partner, Metro Offices Reston- Plaza America has Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms just minutes away from Dulles International Airport and conveniently close to thoroughfares offering fast access to Washington, northern Virginia and Maryland. The building is encompassed by walking paths with a variety of shops and restaurants. The site is just blocks away from the active Reston Center and renowned Reston Hyatt Hotel.

CloudVO City Guide Washington DC Reston Plaza America Meeting Room

Tysons Corner/McLean
CloudVO partner, Metro Offices McLean- Greensboro Station is a new workspace that provides beautiful Meeting Rooms perfect for your next business meeting. With onsite parking and easy access to the Silver Line Metro, meeting at our Greensboro Station location in McLean couldn’t be easier. The onsite café makes busy days smoother so you don’t miss a meal. Other perks include the onsite wine bar, relaxation room and game room! Sold yet?  If you’re looking for something more corporate in the area, CloudVO partner Carr Workplaces Tysons- McLean boasts one of the most prestigious addresses in the suburban Washington area. These Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms provide instant access to the Ritz- Carlton and Tysons Galleria by way of a climate enclosed concourse. Also nearby are restaurants such as The Palm and 120 specialty shops and services at your disposal.

CloudVO City Guide Washington DC Carr Workplaces Tyson McLean Meeting Room

We offer three shared workspace locations in Alexandria. CloudVO partner, Novel Coworking Old Town offers Meeting Rooms situated in Old Town Alexandria, directly across the Potomac.  This location features four floors of private offices, coworking space, and large suites for teams of up to 15 people. This beautiful red brick building is outfitted with the latest technology, including internet, espresso machine and the on-site garage makes parking a breeze. Carr Workplaces Duke Street- Alexandria provides Meeting Rooms centrally located to the Embassy Suites Old Town Alexandria, with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Federal Courthouse only steps away. Nearby transportation includes the King Street Metro, Amtrak, and Virginia Railway Express (VRE) station. Carr Workplaces King Street- Alexandria offers Meeting Rooms in the heart of Alexandria, across from King Street Metro and Amtrak. The building is home to Theismann’s Restaurant and is in close proximity to many other fine restaurants and hotels.

CloudVO City Guide Washington DC Novel Coworking Old Town Alexandria

Right next to the White House, CloudVO partner, Carr Workplaces Pennsylvania Ave. offers Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms with a prestigious reputation giving your business the professionalism it deserves. This building offers onsite security, parking, and is surrounded by many fine eateries and retail stores. Getting here is hassle-free being that it’s located two blocks from the Farragut West and three blocks from Farragut North Metro Stations. CloudVO partner, Virtual Offices DC, offers Meeting Rooms located in the heart of the city with easy access to the Superior Court, K Street, local and federal courts, and judiciary square. The Dupont Circle and McPherson Square metro stops are minutes away, along with abundant taxis and parking garages.

CloudVO City Guide Washington DC Carr Workplaces Pennsylvania Avenue Day Office

Friendship Heights
CloudVO partner, AdvantEdge- Chevy Chase offers fully equipped Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms at the corner of Wisconsin and Western Avenue. This is a great location in one of D.C.’s best high-end suburbs. Located within walking distance of banks, boutiques, restaurants, theatres, and the Washington Sports and Fitness Club, there is no shortage of things to do and places to eat.   

CloudVO City Guide Washington DC AdvantEdge Workspaces Boardroom

Dupont Circle
CloudVO partner, Metro Offices- Dupont Cir., provides Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms with a fresh and modern feel. This shared workspace is in the middle of D.C.’s renowned Dupont Circle community and within walking distance of top-notch restaurants and fashionable retailers. Strategically located one block from the circle itself, it is encompassed by foreign embassies and prominent national and international corporations and organizations. This is the perfect place to get some work done and then reward yourself with some food or shopping just steps away.

CloudVO City Guide Washington DC Metro Offices Dupont Circle Meeting Space

Sights to see
The city offers many must-see attractions being that it’s defined by iconic monuments and buildings. The White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, The Smithsonian Museums and the United States Capitol are just a few of the noteworthy places to visit. Beyond the traditional D.C. attractions, you’ll find fresh food, arts and nightlife scenes. Two of the best restaurants for wining and dining are known to be the Poca Madre, high-end Mexican that presents explosive flavors in a fun, fine-dining setting, and the Dabney, that serves mid-Atlantic cuisine at this rustic spot set in a former row house. For one thing, D.C. is known as a hotbed for fine dining which makes it the perfect place for business lunches and/or dinners.

Places to stay
If you’re planning to stay in the area, here are some of the top-rated hotels to consider. The Jefferson is a luxurious 5-star hotel located in downtown that boasts they are much more than a room to rest, but also an all-encompassing and immersive customized experience. The Park Hyatt is another 5-star hotel and is known to be as visually stimulating as it is comfortable and convenient. The Hyatt Place and the Washington Hilton are two more budget friendly options that are also modern and polished.

Washington D.C. has a lot to offer when it comes to professionals and workspace needs. Whether you need a professional business address or a place to hold meetings, CloudVO has an array of options for you. Virtual Office plans are available at most of the aforementioned locations and offer professional meeting rooms, standard mail services, as well as the use of a business address with options to add live phone answering services.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.

How Coworking Improves Human Performance

This article published on the Mind Rocket site and entitled “Technology Drives Community” was authored by our CEO, Laurent Dhollande. In it, Laurent observes that while remote working is providing desirable flexibility to professionals, it also too often leads to unwelcomed isolation, intrusion into our private lives, and ultimately the potential for loss of productivity, but coworking can offer a solution.

Laurent postulates that this isolation and lack of motivation often experienced by remote workers are the flip side of the new empowerment and flexibility brought to us by the technological developments of the last two decades. That’s why, he writes, teleworking has actually not taken off as much as anticipated, in spite of many corporate programs that support remote work. He explains why joining a coworking community helps transcend these performance-hindering side effects.

Coworking provides more opportunity for members to learn and grow professionally, by interacting with people who are not fashioned by the same corporate mold, sometime serendipitously and other times via organized events. In the end, he explained that the social fabric of a coworking place can greatly help improve the individual member overall work experience. Coworking communities, no-doubt, bring much needed counter-balance to the downfalls of isolation inherent in remote work.

Coworking Day Passes to Generate Leads NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz First Friday Special Day Pass

What’s interesting here is that a high level, someone secretive, consulting firm like Mind Rocket, who among other things advise foreign governments on how to leverage technology to improve Human Performance, sought out the opinion of our CEO, a keen observer of, and participant in, the flexible office industry, to explore how coworking communities may help soften the down side of remote work enabled by remote technology, and enhance human performance.

At CloudVO, we want to support all research efforts that might help gather data to support that claim, which we, as operators and coworkers, experience in our daily lives. If you have an academic project, or any kind of research, going in that direction, do not hesitate to contact us!

Meanwhile, we highly recommend you read the Mind Rocket article.

Visit us at    to list your location for free and join our coworking family of 700 shared workspaces around the world.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.

CloudVO City Guide: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the largest city in Illinois, and the third largest city in the United States. Contrary to popular belief, Chicago is not only known for its Chicago-style hot dogs, Chicago-style deep dish pizza, Maxwell Street Polish Sausage and jazz music. It’s also known as the international hub of finance, commerce, industry, telecommunications, and transportation. This makes Chicago one of the busiest areas in the United States for business and therefore the perfect place to hold meetings or obtain a professional business address. We are taking a closer look at our shared workspace locations in Chicago and breaking them down into their respective neighborhoods.

The Loop

CloudVO partner, Novel Coworking, offers two shared workspace locations in The Loop. Novel Coworking The Loop offers Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms and is full of small businesses, the self-employed, and entrepreneurs. It’s located across from Chase Plaza. The El and metro are within walking distance and are a great way to get around and visit many of Chicago’s famous landmarks. Novel Coworking The Loop is only three blocks from Millennium Park, Art Institute of Chicago, and the Bank of America Theatre.

CloudVO City Guide Chicago The Loop Novel Coworking

Novel Coworking Wacker is the second location in this area and is located directly across from the Chicago River. This location offers Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms with abundant amenities and supreme personal service. Transportation options are plentiful being that The Ogilvie and Union Stations are located ½ block away. Several restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and shopping centers are just steps away from both locations.

CloudVO Partner Coalition Energy is centrally located right in Chicago’s Loop, on Michigan Avenue in the historic Gage Building. Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms are available at this location. One fun fact about this space is that it originally started as a green energy hub and still houses some of the original members. Being that it’s situated in the penthouse of the building, you’ll enjoy the panoramic views of Millennium Park and amazing views of Lake Michigan. This space has a historic meets modern vibe with its exposed brick, high ceilings, rustic vintage feel and tons of natural light. It’s the perfect place to get in work-mode and be productive.

South Loop:

CloudVO Partner CoGen Coworking offers Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood. This shared workspace is ideally located minutes from Grant Park and sights such as the Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum.

CloudVO City Guide Chicago CoGen Coworking South Loop

West Loop:

Novel Coworking West Loop offers Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms that empower entrepreneurs by providing a modern and professional office space to run a business at an affordable rate. This workspace is ideally located in the heart of Chicago’s financial district and within walking distance to a plethora of local restaurants and cafes. Novel Coworking West Loop is also conveniently located near the Quincy/Wells subway station making it easily accessible.

CloudVO City Guide Chicago Novel Coworking West Loop

Inspire Business Center provides Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms that are perfect for your small, start-up, or home-based company to acquire the professional image that it needs with the price you can afford. Located near plenty of restaurants and shops as well as being easily accessible from public transportation and the highway, this is the ideal place to run your business.

Magnificent Mile:

BeOffice is a shared office space offering Virtual Office space, coworking space, dedicated offices, Meeting Rooms, and event space located on the prestigious Magnificent Mile. This shared workspace has flexible terms and personalized, friendly service. BeOffice is conveniently located near public transportation, major highways, restaurants, hotels, etc. Here you will find a professional, yet warm environment with a friendly staff available to assist you and your guests.

CloudVO City Guide Chicago BeOffice Magnificent Mile

River North:

Novel Coworking’s River North location, offers fully furnished Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms featuring the perfect balance of privacy and open space. There is an abundance of professional amenities such as your company logo displayed at reception, mail service, and 24/7 secured access. This space has a fresh and modern feel, making it a great space to work productively.

CloudVO City Guide Chicago Novel Coworking River North

Sights to see

Chicago offers a ton of fun activities to do if you’re feeling touristy and want to explore the city. You’ll find panoramic views from 1,353 feet above Chicago at The Skydeck .  A few other notable attractions are Cloud Gate (often known as “The Bean”), Navy Pier that offers carnival rides, restaurants, shops & fireworks, and 875 North Michigan Avenue where you can drink and dine on the 95th floor!

CloudVO City Guide Chicago Skydeck

Places to stay

When considering places to stay, there are many hotels that make the list for best hotels in Chicago. A few of the most notable include the Langham, a luxurious top-notch hotel, The Peninsula, known for its elegance, and The Thompson, a boutique hotel with views. Other more affordable options include the Best Western Grant Park Hotel, Hyatt Place Chicago/Downtown- The Loop, and the Courtyard by Magnificent Mile.

CloudVO City Guide Chicago Langham Hotel

Whatever your business needs are in Chicago, CloudVO offers many workspace options. Virtual Office plans are available at all aforementioned locations and offer professional meeting rooms, standard mail services, as well as the use of a business address with options to add live phone answering services.

About CloudVO

CloudVO  is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.

Are Coworking Operators Like WeWork a Threat or an Ally for Commercial Landlords?

A recent blog post published in Finance & Commerce entitled “Landlords, rivals push back against WeWork” expresses concerns from some landlords and their brokers that WeWork is stepping on their turf.

The article is interesting, and I thought it would be worthwhile for me to highlight some partial agreement with the author’s analysis, while sharing some divergent and expanded views as well on the evolving nature of Landlord/Operator relationships.

WeWork Window Sign San Francisco 201 Spear Street

  1. A new $42 bln valuation for WeWork.
    This is the highest number I have come across so far and a mind-blowing reflection of WeWork’s disruptive nature, as seen by WeWork’s investors. We could be a bit skeptical of that number until we can review the (private) agreement for the last capital infusion by SoftBank. Restrictions and conditions applied to WeWork on capital repayments, conversion options, and other features in the deal may considerably lower any nominal valuation. But no matter the exact number, that valuation remains gigantic, and way out of range of the multiples experienced by publicly traded companies in the sector. Clearly SoftBank is comfortable with the progress made by the company as they keep on funding. Clearly WeWork, and by extension, the entire coworking industry, is perceived as a disruptive force in the traditional commercial real estate world.

2.   Landlords’ Attitude is changing.
“More than a dozen real estate and banking executives interviewed by Bloomberg expressed misgivings about working with the start-up,” says the Finance & Commerce article – well, maybe, but let’s not forget that for one dozen skeptics, you have several dozens of landlords who are raising their hands to attract WeWork in their buildings, even though WeWork has, in many cases, replaced the fat Letters of Credit or Security deposits of the past with meaningless guarantees for the first 6 months or 12 months of rent. It’s not difficult to guarantee the first year of rent… when 9+ months of it is free! If landlords’ attitudes have changed, it is that WeWork, and the entire coworking industry, is being more actively sought after by landlords throughout the country than it ever has. A dozen skeptics won’t stop this powerful wave.

3. Reduced Collateral in Leases.
We can also point out that the considerable drop in security collateral experienced by landlords with coworking players in the last few years does not put their project necessarily in a more fragile financial situation. The best collateral of a coworking operation is the operation itself, with hundreds of members sending recurring payments every month which won’t disappear, because their business identity is tied to that location. There is more than meets the eye than an apparent threat to the financial stability of these collateral-less transactions.

Lease Agreement CloudVO Blog WeWork and Landlords

4.   Debunking the myth of Corporate Guarantees.
Corporate guarantees can be very dangerous for landlords by giving a sense of false security. They were the reason why Regus filed for Chapter 11 in 2002, by creating a domino effect due to growth that was too aggressive in the Western US during the dot-com boom of the late nineties. The majority of their assets were performing well, but a series of imprudent leases, with corporate guarantees, at the peak of the market created a domino effect that affected all landlords. Under Chapter 11, Regus could attempt to restructure all of their leases, including with well performing locations. That did not help the Regus landlords in any way, corporate guarantee in hand or not. What saved them were other flexible space operators taking over the locations vacated by Regus.

That is how Pacific Workplaces (Pac) experienced its initial growth 15 years ago, by taking over a former Regus franchise location in Walnut Creek, California when they failed on their rent obligations. The Landlord in the end did not need the collateral, corporate guarantees, or personal guarantees that Pac would not offer (at the time Pac had only 2 existing locations). They cared that a knowledgeable operator would optimize the operation and pay market rent. That approach served them well. Two lease renewals and two lease expansions later, Pacific Workplaces Walnut Creek has never failed on its rent obligation, has become the largest tenant in the building, all to the delight of happy asset managers!

CloudVO Sister Company Pacific Workplaces Walnut Creek new coworking space and lounge

Formerly a Regus/HQ, Pacific Workplaces acquired its location in Walnut Creek, CA in 2004.  The location just completed a successful space refresh and offers all shared workspace options including coworking memberships, virtual office plans, private offices, and meeting rooms.


  1. Disruption of the tenant-landlord-broker relationships.
    “It’s more about disrupting the relationship of tenants to landlord, of tenants to brokers, of brokers to landlords,” writes the author in the Finance & Commerce article. There is much truth in that statement. WeWork is understandably in the spotlight, but the entire coworking industry is a threat to brokers in that it dis-intermediates the function of a broker for small space requirements, an increasingly large section of the market. The demand is meeting the supply online. For example, 85% of the leads of Pacific Workplaces, a California-based coworking operator with 18 locations, come from online channels, and only 1% come from traditional brokers. Online leads can originate from the operator’s own digital marketing efforts and from resellers and marketplace providers like CloudVO or Liquidspace, who are successful disrupting the role of traditional brokers, in part due to the more transparent nature of their online transactions, a refreshing approach, in contrast to the chronic opacity of traditional commercial real estate transactions. On the Enterprise segment of the market, companies with a large network of locations like Regus, WeWork or CloudVO have their own corporate account infrastructure that relies a lot less on traditional brokers and feeds off of what was once the brokerage word reserved territory.

6.  WeWork and Coworking Operators a threat to Landlords?
That is what the author of the Finance & Commerce piece argues. I think the truth is more subtle than laid out in that article. First, as a buyer of commercial buildings, it seems to me that WeWork is a beneficial player for the owners of assets they purchase, in that WeWork was the highest bidder. Otherwise the owner would presumably not have sold. Second, the trends towards mobility, the consumerization of the workplace, the continued decrease in corporate footprint per employee, are all threats to landlords in that the need for traditional commercial space is shrinking. Coworking and other forms of flexible office spaces are enabling these trends, but the threat to landlord is the trend, not the flexible office space operators. In fact, Coworking operators are natural partners for landlords to take advantage of that new secular trend. Managing coworking spaces is an entirely different profession than property management. Just as hotel landlords bring in franchise operators to manage the hotel (and don’t try to do it themselves), commercial office landlords need professional coworking operators to manage that new exploding demand.

Written by  Laurent Dhollande, CEO of CloudVO and Pacific Workplaces

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.

14 Ways Coworking Spaces Can Build Community Over the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, in our homes and in our workplaces. If the traditional office holiday party elicits a been-there-done-that sort of feeling, we encourage our CloudVO partners and friends to shake things up with events and projects that build community both inside and outside of your space.

CloudVO 14 Ways to promote community over the holidays

Here are 14 tips for spreading holiday cheer and giving back to your community inspired by the community managers from our sister company, Pacific Workplaces (PAC).

1. Potluck Lunch
Keep things low-key with a potluck lunch. Invite employees and members to join and have each person bring something. This is a great addition to any of the other events, drives, or contests you’re planning to hold in your space. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring members together to enjoy food and chat. Themes can be around a specific holiday or just to celebrate your community.

Pacific Workplaces Oakland Holiday Potluck Event

2. Charitable Drive
This holiday season, several PAC locations are hosting charitable drives for clothing, food, coats and jackets, sleeping bags, blankets, toys, monetary donations, socks and more. The East Bay spaces have a competition to see who can collect the most food donations for the local food bank, the San Mateo location is holding a relief drive for those affected by the California wildfires, and Greenhaven is doing a blood drive.

Pacific Workplaces Oakland Food Bank Drive Holidays 2018

The Sacramento Capitol location is doing a donation drive for My Sister’s House, an organization that helps women and children impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking by providing a safe haven, job training, and community services.

Pacific Workplaces Sacramento My Sisters House Dontation Drive Holidays 2018

3. Celebrate Member Strides
PAC Sunnyvale is hosting a New Year’s Social and “champagne day” to celebrate members whose businesses have made great strides during 2018. Members of the space have published books, had multiple FDA approvals and landed major accounts, so the community wants to celebrate with them.

4. Workspace Decorating Contest
Bring holiday cheer to your shared workspace by holding a decorating contest. Encourage members to decorate their dedicated desk, meeting room, or office in an effort to win best décor. Winners can be voted on by community managers and the award ceremony can take place during a holiday activity.

5. Gift Wrapping Stations
One of the simple joys of the holiday season is wrapping presents in cheerful paper and ribbons. Make it easy for members to wrap their gifts (and keep them secret) with an in-house wrapping area. Pleasant Hill and Palo Alto PAC teams create gift wrapping stations or rooms for members. PAC provides the wrapping paper, bows, gift tags, tape, hot cider, snacks and holiday music.

6. New Year’s Wish Board
A wish board is a great way for members to participate in something and have it displayed for everyone to see. In preparation for the new year, have members fill out a paper star, snowflake or other design with their 2019 resolutions and anything they’re looking forward to in the next year.

Pacific Workplaces Greenhaven Wish Board for Holidays

7. Ugly Holiday Sweater Day
Spark fun and laughter all day long with an ugly holiday sweater day. This is also the perfect opportunity to snap some pics for social media.

Pacific Workplaces Ugly Sweater Party Holiday Member Event

8. Care Bags
Holiday traditions at NextSpace San Jose include making care bags for the homeless. These bags are filled with everyday essentials, such as socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, snack bars and hygiene items.

NextSpace Coworking San Jose Care bags for the homeless member event

9. Secret Santa
A Secret Santa is a fun way to spread holiday cheer. The Bakersfield team makes Secret Santa gift buying easier on members by displaying a poster in the lounge showing all the Secret Santa participants’ names and “Things I Like” underneath each name.

Pacific Workplaces Bakersfield Secret Santa Display Holiday 2018

If you want to add a new twist to your workspace Secret Santa, try doing a “modern” secret Santa where members exchange e-gift cards. No one has to worry about running around and shopping for something. Plus, who doesn’t love Target or Amazon? Tip: You can still draw names the old-fashioned way.

10. Holiday Tree
In Palo Alto, PAC members participate in a group tree decoration and lighting event, complete with popcorn strings, ornaments, tinsel and lights.

11. Gratitude Projects
You may have heard of a gratitude jar, where people write down things they’re grateful for and put them in a jar to be read later. Pacific Workplaces San Mateo is putting a twist on the practice with a Thankful Tree, where members can write what they are thankful for and display as little notes on the tree.

Pacific Workplaces San Mateo Thankful Tree Holidays 2018

12. Cocktail Classes
In San Francisco, PAC VO member company SF Mixology does various cocktail-based events for the space’s annual holiday party. This year, they’re teaching a cocktail class for members.

13. Giving Tree
The San Mateo PAC team has an annual Giving Tree to helps kids in need. The tree has a list of children’s names and what they need (basketball, toothbrush, backpack, etc.). Members can choose a name and supply the requested items.

14. Here Comes Santa
PAC Capitol in Sacramento invites Santa to make an appearance in the space. They have a member who volunteered for Santa duties and they invite parents to bring a small pre-wrapped, pre-labeled gift before the event for Santa to give to their child(ren). It’s a great photo-op and a good way to spread the holiday cheer to members and their families.

However you celebrate the holidays in your workspace and home, be safe and may your days be cheery and bright. Happy Holidays from all of us at CloudVO and Pacific Workplaces.

Ways Coworking Spaces Can Build Community Over the Holidays

Written by   Cat Johnson  and Sasha Bonar.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.

The Importance of Customer Reviews to Market Your Coworking Space

If you’re not focused on getting customer reviews for your coworking space, you’re missing out on a golden marketing opportunity. Reviews for your workspace can be found on Yelp, Google, Facebook and more. Potential members pay attention to these reviews and you should, as well.

Forbes reports that online reviews are the best thing that ever happened to small businesses, explaining that “97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses and three in four people who use their smartphones to search for something nearby end up visiting a local business within a day.”

The Importance of Customer Reviews for Coworking Spaces

When people search online for a coworking space in your town, reviews can attract them to you if they’re positive, or keep them scrolling if they’re negative or if you don’t have any.

Customer Reviews and Social Proof

We rely heavily on social proof, including customer reviews, when making decisions about where to shop, eat, visit and work. We tend to search for these things when we actually need the product—meaning that people searching online for a local coworking space are likely to need a space right now.

“When a consumer uses a review platform like Yelp or Google My Business, the decision and urgency to buy are exactly what prompted the person’s search,” the Forbes article points out. “If traditional advertising is a megaphone that enables businesses to shout and see who’s listening, review sites are tractor beams that pull consumers toward local businesses precisely when they’re actively looking to spend money. That’s an invaluable opportunity for small businesses with tight — or non-existent — marketing budgets.”

Importance of Customer Reviews for Coworking Spaces NextSpace San Jose Yelp Reviews

The Importance of Reviews for a Coworking Space

Karina Patel, Director of Marketing at CloudVO and Pacific Workplaces explains that customer reviews are important for workspace operators because they:

  • Help provide a baseline for prospective members because customers rely on reviews from peers more than they trust the taglines of a brand.
  • Boost local listings for SEO. The more reviews, the more likely your local listing appears in search results, including, Yelp and Google. These local listings are integrated into organic search, paid ads, and map views.
  • Search engines see that you are an active brand when you receive a steady stream of reviews.

Customer reviews can also help strengthen your brand and, as Patel points out, “Brand reputation is everything.” Here are four ways customer reviews can help with your branding and marketing, from Patel and Kim Seipel, Marketing Manager at CloudVO and Pacific Workplaces:

  1. Reviews establish brand authority and trust. Reading what others have to say about your space and services will move prospects further down the sales funnel.
  2. Having a healthy mixture of ratings allows customers to trust that you aren’t soliciting reviews or incentivizing for 5-star reviews. If a brand only has 5-star reviews, customers are less likely to trust that brand.
  3. With coworking spaces becoming increasingly popular, prospects have more options to choose from. A solid establishment of reviews can differentiate your space from another.
  4. Customers trust online reviews as much as they value personal recommendations. They look to reviews in helping them make their final purchasing decision.

Importance of Customer Reviews for Coworking Spaces CloudVO Trustpilot Review

Using Third-Party Review Products

The CloudVO team recently started testing Trust Pilot, a reputation service that enables companies to automate the review collection process for online purchases. Trust Pilot users can add rich snippet widgets to webpages, which optimize those pages in an organic search by displaying a Google Seller Rating (GSR).

Google gathers ratings about your business from licensed review sites, including Trust Pilot. Strong seller ratings not only speaks to the validity of your business, but also helps the performance of your Google Ad Campaigns.

As Seipel explains, “There are 32 Google licensed third-party review sites, and after research we decided Trust Pilot would serve our particular needs best. Pricing and features vary between all the review sites, so it’s best to compare several and choose the platform which is aligned with your business goals.”

Benefits of using a third-party review platform for a coworking space include:

  • Automating the collection process saves time
  • Space operators don’t need to remember to follow up with all new purchases and incoming members on a daily basis
  • Space operators can trigger invites for new purchases by sending people a customized invite several days after a purchase, with at least one reminder if they haven’t submitted a review. “The invite template is easy,” says Patel. “You just select the star rating and add a comment if you wish.”

Importance of Customer Reviews for Coworking Spaces CloudVO Trustpilot invite

Soliciting Customer Reviews for Your Coworking Space

When soliciting reviews, make it easy for customers. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Be consistent with how you ask, and when you ask, for reviews. Creating a process will also allow you to keep track of members you have asked per time frame (month or quarter)
  • Do not set a precedent with incentives for reviews. Members will expect a reward for submitting a review.
  • Use templates for your community managers to send out with customized information, links, do’s and don’ts.
  • Handle negative reviews with patience and understanding. Responding to a negative review is a potential opportunity to mend a relationship, demonstrate your brand values, and express your calm, cool handling of an uncomfortable situation. You can use a template for this, as well, but be sure to personalize your response to address—and fix when possible—the complaints of your unhappy customer.

Turning Casual Searches into Marketing Leads

Customer reviews can (and should) be part of the strategy for marketing your coworking space. Reviews help showcase your space and community, they provide social proof to people looking for a workspace, they provide a glimpse into your brand values, and they’re a powerful tool for turning casual web searchers into marketing leads.

How do you use customer reviews to market your workspace? Contact us and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

by Cat Johnson, storyteller and content strategist for the coworking movement.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the  and  e-commerce sites and grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.

Crush Workspace Tours with These Five Tips

When giving a tour of your space, keep in mind that it takes as little as seven seconds to make a good first impression.  Maya Delano, Community Manager of NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz has compiled a “NextSpace-tastic Tour” video where she breaks down the art of touring a workspace prospect into five important steps. Read along and watch the video to see the “must-do’s” when giving a workspace tour that have been successful in curating a cohesive and involved community at NextSpace.

Get the digits

Introduce yourself with a handshake, exchange names, and have them sign into the iPad (this is very important). Having them sign into the iPad allows you to gather some information about them that you may use to follow up with them after the tour, and helps keep track of who toured and when.

CloudVO Blog Five Workspace Tour Best Practices Capture Contact Information

Engage your prospect

People usually like talking about themselves.  Get the conversation rolling by asking your potential new member about what they do: What brought them here, what projects they are working on, etc. You can do this right at the beginning or spread your questions throughout the tour (it shows that we’re genuinely interested in our members’ work, and gives us a good feel if they are a positive fit for the community). This is important, because as much as you want to fill up your coworking space with hard-working and involved community members, not everyone will be a good fit, and that’s OK.

Your unique elevator pitch

Give them a well-rounded elevator pitch about what makes your space unique. We’re talking who we are, what we do, why we do it, and why they want it! Keep it simple, but have a little fun with it too, because this industry is fun! Nothing brings folks to snores quicker than a lame and over-the-top “salesy” elevator pitch. Be sure to put a strong emphasis on our commitment to combining space and community.

Coworking Day Passes to Generate Leads NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz First Friday Special Day Pass

CloudVO Partner NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz Meeting Rooms and Workshop Events

Know your tour footpath

Map out the exact path you want to take for the physical tour of the space beforehand.  The order in which you show particular areas of your space should be intentional.  Space tours should have a nice flow that naturally highlight the uniqueness of your shared workspace environment.  Since all coworking spaces are not created equal, you’ll need to come up with the footpath that works for you while making sure to hit the following points:

  •   Membership levels you offer and all of their perks (Open Coworking, Dedicated Desks, Private Office, and Virtual Office plans)
  •     Show off all your meeting rooms
  •     Phone Booths
  •     Kitchen (showcase coffee, tea, appliances, cleaning policy, etc).
  •     Touch on mailbox services
  •     Printing, scanning and faxing
  •     Events board (give some examples of networking events held in the space, including happy hour and member lunch)
  •     Member wall (explain the importance of having one in every space i.e. for networking, a sense of community, engagement in the space, etc.)

CloudVO Blog Five Workspace Tour Best Practices NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz Member Wall

NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz Events Board

Always remember to periodically break for questions, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm them with too much information. Although your space may not offer all of these exact amenities, it’s imperative to showcase the amenities you do have. You want prospective members to feel empowered and visualize themselves in the space and utilizing the amenities.

Offer a test drive

The final step is to let them know they can contact you with any questions and thank them for coming. Be sure to give them a rate sheet and one of your business cards, and, after using your trusty ‘superhero senses’ to determine whether they’re a good fit, offer them a free Day Pass to come and try out the space for themselves. Offering them a Day Pass is ideal because it will allow them to feel welcomed into your space and help them to determine if the space will work for them. Lastly, kindly show them to the door, shake their hand(s) and release them back into the world.

We offer resources for shared workspaces operators. Get more invaluable information like this when you join our global network of 700 locations.   Visit us at    to list your location for free.

About CloudVO

CloudVO  is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp, headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the     and    e-commerce sites and grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.

CloudVO City Guide: Los Angeles, California

In this CloudVO City Guide series, we are highlighting a few of our shared workspace partners in Los Angeles. The “City of Angels” is famously known as the home of Hollywood, a major center of the world entertainment industry, as well as the cultural, financial, and commercial center of Southern California. It happens to be one of the most substantial economic powers within the United States, making it a prime location for your distinguished business address, as a headquarters, or for business expansion. L.A. holds a large and diversified market that is making headlines in Silicon Valley in terms of new business growth and tech startups. We are breaking down Los Angeles into a few of its most popular areas: Downtown L.A., Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Glendale.

CloudVO partner, Titan Offices, provides three locations in downtown. One is located at 5455 Wilshire Blvd., offering Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms in a prime spot on Miracle Mile. It’s conveniently within walking distance to several restaurants and cafes, including the “Original Farmers Market”, making it a great location for business meetings.

CloudVO City Guide Los Angeles Titan Offices Meeting Rooms on Wilshire Boulevard

The second one is located at 1055 West 7th Street and offers Virtual Office and Meeting Room solutions for those who wish to work remotely, but maintain the professionalism of having a penthouse in downtown L.A. West 7th Street offers workspaces in the heart of Los Angeles’ financial district. The third location has Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms available at 811 Wilshire Blvd., and is also located in Downtown Los Angeles’ Financial and Central Business District. Both shared workspaces are conveniently situated across from the well-known Staples Center, Convention Center, city courthouses and more. There is also easy access to Interstates 110, 10, and the ever so popular Highway 5,  commonly referred to by locals as “The 5.” A few of the most popular restaurants in the area include SUGARFISH, Tender Greens, and Bottega Louie.

CloudVO City Guide Los Angeles Titan Offices Meeting Rooms 1055 West 7th Street

CloudVO partner, Apollo Business Centers, located in the respected Beverly Hills 90210 area, offers Virtual Office services that allow you to have a business presence in one of the most desirable areas in the country. A Beverly Hills Virtual Office will not only lend credibility to your business, but also reduces overhead costs associated with full-time office space. Another partner in Beverly Hills, California Virtual, provides you with all of the essential tools and services necessary for running a professional business, while giving your company the prestigious corporate image it desires. Our Virtual Office and Meeting Room solutions are ideal for start-up companies, small or home-based businesses, international businesses looking to expand to the U.S., and any company invested in reducing costs while maintaining a professional presence.

CloudVO City Guide Los Angeles California Virtual Beverly Hills Day Office

CloudVO partner, IgnitedSpaces Hollywood, offers Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms located on the top floor of 7080 Hollywood Spaces and has spectacular #views. This is home to a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and thriving businesses.  A “radical convergence of workspace and content creation studios,” IgnitedSpaces is a community for brands and artists to leverage their voice for cultural and technological advancement. Another CloudVO partner, 8335 Sunset- West Hollywood, is perfectly located on the iconic Sunset Strip and offers Virtual Offices designed with modern flare.  Members here range from a wide variety of professionals from the entertainment, internet, social networking, and creative entrepreneur sectors. After work, enjoy incredible hotels and restaurants in the area including the very hip Standard Hotel right across the street, which is also a great place to stay. The world-famous Chateau Marmont is next door, and world-class shopping is minutes away.

CloudVO City Guide Los Angeles Ignited Spaces Meeting Rooms

CloudVO partner, Virtuoso Offices, is located in Glendale and offers Virtual Offices within a stunning building that will give your clients a powerful first impression. This building is strategically placed next to high-energy commuter Glenoaks Boulevard giving you quick and easy access to the Ventura Freeway. One of the greatest amenities is the street level and garage parking available at this building. In addition, the immediate area offers tons of fine restaurants and retail stores due to its close proximity to the Glendale Galleria and The Americana at Brand. There are also a wide variety of top-notch golf courses nearby, which makes for a perfect business outing opportunity.

CloudVO City Guide Los Angeles Virtuoso Offices Meeting Rooms

Whether you are looking to make Los Angels the headquarters of your business or you need a professional L.A. address, we have many options that are up to par. Virtual Office plans are available at all of the aforementioned partner locations and offer standard mail services, sophisticated meeting rooms, as well as use of the business address with options to add live phone answering services. Being that Los Angeles is a very high-profile city, it would be an ideal location to have a business address or to hold meetings.

Check us out at  to list your location for free and become part of an awesome network of operators.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the  and  e-commerce sites and grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.


Coworking Supports Mental Wellness, But We Can Do More

Mental illness used to be talked about in hushed voices behind closed doors. It was stigmatized and relegated to fringe conversations. The alarming rise in mental health issues has brought the topic of mental health and overall wellness from the fringes into the mainstream. But we still have work to do around destigmatizing it.

Nearly one in five U.S. adults (44.7 million people) lives with a mental illness. Of those, an estimated 56% don’t receive treatment. People who suffer from mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, often try to manage alone.

CloudVO Blog Coworking and World Mental Health Day Working alone is isolating

Coworking and Wellness
The coworking movement, at large, is making remarkable strides in supporting wellness and connection. Shared workspaces around the world prioritize well-being for members, through fitness programs, on-site yoga, meditation rooms, nap pods, wellness challenges, work-life balance programming and more. Steve King from Emergent Research argues that reducing loneliness is the new value proposition of coworking.

Workplace Wellness Emerges as a Core Theme NextSpace Coworking San Jose Wednesday Walkabout
NextSpace Coworking San Jose members walk to a local lunch spot together each week during their Wednesday Walkabout.

Workplace Wellness Emerges as a Core Theme in Coworking Spaces Treadmill EcosystmSF
Treadmills in coworking spaces to promote wellness in the workplace 

Mental Wellness in Shared Workspaces
There’s a growing notion in our industry that coworking spaces should contribute to our well-being—not just give us a place to work. Coworking is already ahead of traditional workplaces when it comes to member happiness and well-being.

Surveys of coworking space members found that 83% of respondents are less lonely since joining a coworking space; 89% report that they are happier since joining a coworking space; and 79% said coworking has expanded their social networks.

CloudVO Blog Coworking and World Mental Health Day Expand Social Networks

CloudVO Blog World Mental Health Day Coworking Reduces Loneliness

The Power of the Global Workspace Network
We are, as an industry, working to dismantle loneliness, and the growing wellness trend is heartening. The global coworking network is uniquely positioned to respond to member needs. What would it look like if we put the power of our network behind addressing mental well-being? We could do something truly remarkable.

Angel Kwiatkowski, Cat Johnson, Iris Kavanagh - Exhibiting The Power Of Being Vulnerable In A Group | Women Who Cowork
Angel Kwiatkowski, Cat Johnson, Iris Kavanagh – Exhibiting The Power Of Being Vulnerable In A Group | Women Who Cowork

Moves are being made in that direction, with increased focus on wellness at industry conferences, breakout sessions, small industry events and in-space conversations. Space operators are taking mental health first-aid courses, the CheckYoMate movement reminds us to check in on one another, and there’s a growing awareness around destigmatizing mental illness in coworking spaces as part of our movement to dismantle loneliness. But we could be doing more.

World Mental Health Day
October 10 is World Mental Health Day. The objective for the day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilize efforts in support of mental health.

As the website explains, World Mental Health Day “provides an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to talk about their work, and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide.”

CloudVO Blog World Mental Health Day Coworking Creates Collaboration

So let’s talk about it. How do you address mental health in your space? How could members of the global coworking movement better harness the power of our network to bring more mental wellness to coworking? What mental health resources would you like to see, both in your own space and from the global coworking community? Contact us and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

by Cat Johnson, storyteller and content strategist for the coworking movement.

Join our network of 700 locations around the globe. Visit us at    to list your location for free.

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the  and  e-commerce sites and grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.