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Email Marketing Strategies for Coworking Space Operators to Thrive

January 17, 2023

The pandemic has changed expectations when it comes to what people crave from a digital experience, including the way we consume emails.  However, the basic concept behind email marketing is to send the right message to the right people at the right time.  How do we accomplish this as coworking space operators?  Start by taking […]

5 Holiday Promotion Ideas For Coworking Operators

December 7, 2022

The holidays are a great opportunity to highlight your flex office space. Seasonal marketing campaigns are a chance to educate people about coworking, increase engagement, and bring in new members. To help you capitalize on the season, here are a few promotion ideas to consider for your holiday marketing strategy. Offer A Killer Discount  Consumers […]

How To Facilitate Growth In Your Coworking Business

November 8, 2022

Yes, it’s possible to grow your coworking business!  Scott Chambers, COO of Pacific Workplaces and CloudVO, sat down with Jamie Russo on the Everything Coworking Podcast to share his experiences on how to grow a team that supports expansion while maintaining profitability.  Scott has been in the flex workspace industry for over 20 years and […]

Nail Coworking Space Tours by Identifying These Key Personalities

October 14, 2022

Your coworking space tour is typically the first time a prospect has the chance to see and experience what your flex office space has to offer. There are many ways to prepare for a workspace tour, but one of the keys to success involves the ability to understand different personality types.  Earlier this year, our […]

How To Manage Customer Reviews for your Flexible Office Space

September 13, 2022

Customer Reviews Matter Online customer reviews serve as social proof and shape how people perceive your flexible office space brand. CloudVO actively monitors your customer satisfaction performance with our own customer surveys using Trustpilot, but also by collecting and publishing customer ratings collected by Yelp and especially Google. Watch the short video from Amanda Leffew, […]

Top 6 Lead Generation Sources for Flexible Office Space Operators

August 15, 2022

In this article, we share lead generation sources that we found worth our time and effort, as from our own experience with our sister company Pacific Workplaces, providing flexible offices and coworking places in 18 locations throughout California and Nevada.  We will review how some of these lead generation sources have changed over time. In […]

Instagram Collab Feature to Level-Up Your Coworking Social Strategy

July 15, 2022

Collaboration (aka ‘Collab’), is such a buzzword, but perhaps for good reason. Time and again we see great outcomes when people come together to share perspectives and ideas, so why should social media be any different? Enter Instagram Collabs that allows you to invite other creators and businesses to co-author posts and reels.   Instagram Collab […]

Three Ways Coworking Operators Can Optimize Their Google Business Profiles Right Now

June 15, 2022

Creating a Google Business Profile for your coworking space is an extremely important aspect of having an online presence, but now what? Just because your listing is up doesn’t mean you can wash your hands of this task. Much like you would continue to post content on Instagram or Facebook, your Google profile needs constant […]

6 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Update Your Coworking Space Website

May 9, 2022

When looking for coworking space, potential members have an increasing number of options to choose from. So it’s essential that your flexible office website catch—and keep—the attention of people browsing for a workplace, including easy access to meeting rooms, virtual office plans, mail services, event space etc. If potential members encounter a website that is […]

The pandemic has changed expectations when it comes to what people crave from a digital experience, including the way we consume emails.  However, the basic concept behind email marketing is to send the right message to the right people at the right time.  How do we accomplish this as coworking space operators?  Start by taking a look at these three key areas within your email marketing strategy to see if they can help boost your efforts.

Email marketing as a retention tool

Your coworking space newsletter is a superior marketing tool. With the right strategy, newsletters can be a powerful retention tool that communicates the uniqueness of your brand, delivers value, and promotes engagement amongst your members.  It can ultimately lead to new members as well! Newsletters packed with relevant and engaging content will hold the attention of your readers. Not sure what to put in your newsletter? Consider your member events as a great starting point. As a coworking space operators, events should be a consistent part of your operation and you can build your newsletter around them, because:

  • It creates a stream of fresh content (event announcements, updates, reminders, recaps).
  • People will share it. They don’t like going to events alone, and they like being the one in ‘the know’.
  • It shows that your space is where the local business community gathers and engages.
  • It creates new imagery for your newsletter. You can only show photos of your space so often.
  • It attracts potential speakers and other programming opportunities.
  • Include events of other organizations in your ecosystem, including other coworking spaces.  It creates goodwill, whether or not the other organizations reciprocate.  It positions you as the go-to source of what’s happening in your business community.

Bonus Tips:

  • Include a call to action (CTA) for every event. Be creative with RSVP/Register links: “Save My Seat,” “Count Me In,” etc.
  • Be selective when including other organizations’ events. Curate quality over quantity.
  • Don’t forget to also promote your space, memberships, services, etc. Your newsletter is still a sales & marketing tool.

Email marketing as an acquisition tool

As a marketing channel, emails are still a very effective way to connect with your sales leads, particularly when it comes to inbound email marketing strategies.  These are leads in your database that have already opted-in and expressed an interest in your space, so you want to treat these warm leads with the utmost care.  Kim Seipel, Marketing Manager for Pacific Workplaces and CloudVO offers these tips:

  • Plan your email marketing campaigns in advance.  Include your email campaigns as part of your content calendar.  This way you can time your sales emails in unison with any press releases or special offer announcements.
  • Leverage your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool or your email marketing platform to create segmented lists.  Then leverage these segments to create content that is specific for each group instead of sending the same message to everyone.  For instance, if you are running a promotion for Dedicated Desks, segment your leads to those who showed an interest in full-time/dedicated workspace.  Relevant and timely emails increases your open rates which leads to higher chances of conversion.  
  • Keep the entire customer journey in mind.  Seamless user journeys are a must as users expect to be treated like a valued customer from the outset.  This means having a clear call-to-action (CTA) so the user knows what to do next (i.e. Get Offer, Buy Now, etc.).  Once the user clicks that ‘Get Offer’ button, make sure the checkout process is easy and intuitive.   Pro tip: Ensure the offer matches the content of your email – no clickbait!  For instance, if your email offers a free Coworking Day Pass, don’t send the user to a page where they have to purchase something else at full price in order to receive the free day pass.  Don’t be sneaky – it won’t serve you.
Sales Email Marketing Strategies for Coworking Space Operators | ClloudVO

Authentic personalization

Personalization is not necessarily a new concept when it comes to email marketing, but people are seeking more personal connections post Covid so we encourage you to approach your emails with your authentic voice in mind. Whether it’s a sales email or your newsletter, consumers and members are looking for a more personal connection with brands. To hyper-personalize your campaigns, you need to combine the power of data, analytics, and automation. Email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Constant Contact allow you to segment your lists, set-up workflows and run reports on every campaign to see where adjustments can be made. The more you know about your recipient, the better your campaigns will be. Having a unique voice that is tuned into the needs of your community and potential new members will pay off in the long term. 

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