Private Office Space

Access our global network of nearly 1,000 CloudVO shared workspace partner locations to rent a fully-furnished office space for as little as a month or as long as 2 years. Tour today, move in tomorrow. It’s that easy.

Why A Flexible Office Space Solution?

Cost-effective Convenience

Get a complete office space that’s ready right now!  CloudVO’s network of shared office space and coworking providers offer fully-furnished office spaces with everything you need to move your business forward.  Private offices have internet & IT infrastructure already in place, onsite support, access to meeting rooms and live answering services, along with office amenities like printing, copying, scanning and shredding.  This streamlines costs and eliminates the headaches that come with leasing a traditional space.


For enterprise users or businesses needing temporary office space to manage an interim project, or are looking to expand into new markets, the freedom of a flexible office space with short-term options is a key component that is not available with conventional leases. 


You’ve hired the best employee for the job, but they live remotely from your main office. What to do?  Forget about assigning them an office at your corporate headquarters that will never be used, and prevent wasteful time spent commuting by accessing our network of full-service shared office space and coworking providers who can, at the click of a button, ready your new office in a matter of days.

Networking & Connections

Our shared workspace and coworking space partners offer communities filled with smart, creative, and hard-working professionals.  Each space has its own vibe and curates community in its own unique way. Renting a full-time office space within a shared workspace is the best of both worlds.  You have the privacy you need to work effectively, yet you have the opportunity to increase your social capital and build relationships with a larger network of professionals through member events and by simply being a part of your workspace community.

Private Office Amenities:

  • Furnished, private office space
  • Flexible short-term agreements
  • On-Demand Internet/IT Infrastructure
  • 24/7 Access
  • Coffee + kitchen amenities
  • On-site support
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Access to live answering services
  • Mail & package handling
  • Included janitorial & cleaning services
  • Networked Printing & Copying
  • Front desk services to greet guests*
  • HD Video Conferencing and Zoom Rooms*
  • Expand/contract office space as needed
  • Member Events
  • Priceless networking with other professionals

* Varies by location.

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