Watch our Phone Answering Best Practices & Outsourcing Webinar! Join Workspace Providers and Coworking Operators who use CloudVO Wholesale Answering Services to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary staffing and fixed overheard
  • Improve quality of phone answering services and customer satisfaction
  • Redirect front desk staff activities to on-site sales and customer support activities
  • Integrate with Shoretel and WUN Systems telephony platforms
  • Integrate with WUN Systems Workspace2Go ecommerce platforms, including CloudMeeting2Go
  • Answering calls from 8:30AM to 8:00PM EST and 5:30AM to 5:00PM PST
  • Starting at $27/user/month!

Outsourced Phone Answering by CloudVO

CloudAnswering is a professional answering center, offering Coworking and Business Center operators the opportunity to contract personalized reception services, on a per client basis, at wholesale rates. Pricing, per client, is less than $27.00 a month. This low cost, third party solution allows operators to market a full suite of phone answering services, and charge competitive retail rates of up to four times higher while not taking on extra staff burdens. In fact, CloudAnswering centers clients’ report the benefit of providing peace and quiet at the front desk while allowing staff to focus on providing a higher level quality of service.

Using CloudAnswerings’ wholesale price list, operators create their own specific pricing in an a la carte format or in specific packages. Most operators, including Regus, sell a relatively small number of stand-alone packages, however, they find great value in bundling phone answering services within Virtual Office solutions and in support packages for dedicated office customers. The incremental revenue from the phone answering features often fall in the $55 to $149 range, still providing a margin way in excess of 50% to the operator. If you ever feel like one receptionist at your front desk just isn’t enough and that your operation suffers from constant distractions inhibiting you from focusing on your guests and center operations, then CloudAnswering is here to help. Our friendly and experienced receptionists are trained to work as an extension of your staff.

Calls are answered from 5:30AM to 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time, 8:30AM to 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time. CloudAnswering not only helps alleviate the constant phone interruptions of your day to day demands, we help eliminate unnecessary staffing and fixed overhead, improve quality of phone answering services and customer satisfaction and help redirect front desk staff activities to on-site sales and customer support activities. Your calls will be answered promptly and professionally with your customized greeting, and receptionists will seamlessly connect your callers to you, wherever you are. You have the ability to control where the calls are forwarded, and can receive voicemails via email with our state-of-the-art unified messaging system.

Our mission is to create optimal services that align with your values to increase revenue for your center. With affordable pricing and a great understanding of how your client’s calls will be handled, CloudAnswering is an excellent choice.

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Here’s what clients have to say about CloudAnswering:

Jessica Kearney
Center Coordinator Manager at The Satellite Centers
jessica kearney“Our clients have been very happy with the live answering service, thank you so much … we couldn’t be happier with everything you’ve provided”

David Do
General Manager at MyGoCenter
david do“CloudVO Phone Answering has been great as it gives us the flexibility to offer our clients the option to have their phones answered from East Coast Standard Time to Pacific Standard Time. The team at CloudVO is fantastic!”