Meeting Spaces

Small and large meeting spaces are available for successful team meetings and effective collaboration.

CloudVO has over 3,000 meeting rooms and day offices available for rent in nearly 1,000 locations worldwide. Our conference facilities are for the most part focused on meetings for 20 people or less. Training rooms for 20 to 50+ people are also available in some, but not all, locations.

The cost of our meeting spaces is typically less than half the cost of meeting rooms available in hotels, in a more professional shared office environment, typically with on-site staff, enterprise-grade Internet connection, state-of-the-art presentation equipment including HD video conferencing equipment in many locations, access to comfortable business lounges, and in well-located class A or class B buildings.

Our meeting rooms are designed for effective sales meetings and effective collaborative work. Typical users include consultants, attorneys, deposition firms, solopreneurs, start-ups, and corporate users for off-site meetings or to support mobility and distributed work.

Most professional folks need access to meeting rooms from time to time. The cost of maintaining a dedicated meeting space is often very expensive, particularly when the meeting space is not fully utilized. When accessing a CloudVO meeting space, users only pay for the time used, making the economic model very efficient and keeping costs down.

Meeting spaces are available to book at an hourly or daily rate. Check availability online.

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