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Chicago claims to have the bluest waters outside of the Caribbean. With Lake Michigan at its feet and 37 movable bridges, Chicago is indeed a unique city. The city claims to be home to the best pizzas in the world–I know quite a few people may take issue with that!–but it is true that the city is a food hotspot. Art and entertainment are a big part of the city’s identity. Chicago was an inspiration for Gotham City, so it is no surprise that surreal business stories have taken place here. Chicago is not only Batman’s hometown but also where Groupon, Basecamp, Boeing, Abbott, JLL, McDonald’s, Deer, and 31 of the Fortune 500 companies, started or elected to move their headquarters. Just like its food and restaurants, Chicago harbors very diversified industries and big and small businesses. If you want to be part of that dynamic ecosystem in the 3rd largest city in the U.S., CloudVO can help secure the Chicago flexible office solution that will fit your needs.

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Book day offices and meeting rooms in Chicago online by the hour, day, or week. Our Chicago conference rooms are fully equipped with the type of amenities you would expect from the most demanding corporate environment. Coffee and other beverages included of course! They are well suited for interviews, training, sales presentations, collaborative meetings, and more, while probably safer, better located, better equipped, and typically less expensive than meeting rooms you would find in a hotel or a large conference center.    

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Rent Office Space in Chicago

You can now book private office space in Denver on the CloudVO website. Because our network is only comprised of flexible offices and coworking providers, you don’t need to invest in any expensive office infrastructure: it is already done for you! Most offices are furnished, with on-site staffed, powerful internet connectivity, wifi, networked printers, and free coffee of course! You want the ability to expand or contract your Chicago office space, on-demand? You can do that. You want to start with a 3-month agreement but later expand to 12-months? You can do that. You may want to add an additional office later on? You can do that. Even better, all of that can be transacted online, in full transparency.

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Coworking in Chicago for Serendipity & Productivity

Our Chicago coworking spaces are designed for flexibility, community, and productivity. If you’re feeling uninspired working from home or out of a coffee shop, or you feel a need for occasional human interaction in a safe environment, coworking in Chicago at a CloudVO affiliated location will surely spark inspiration, collaboration, and sometimes the most enlightening serendipitous encounters with other entrepreneurs and professionals. We have options for hotdesks, dedicated desks, and 24/7 access in many Chicago locations.   

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A virtual office gives you access to an entire office infrastructure on a piecemeal or part-time basis. For the fraction of the price of a full-time office, you can use our professional business addresses and phone answering services to establish the Chicago business identity that suits you best. You can also add bundles of meeting room hours to your virtual office plan via our smart credit system.   

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Safety is a priority. We have carefully vetted the Chicago locations that joined our network for their professionalism but also for their ability to follow careful safety protocols. If you want to read a specific location’s health & safety protocol, click on the location’s safety shield for more details.