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Our friendly virtual receptionists serve as an extension of your business to create real, lasting connections with your callers to keep them coming back.

Small Business

You run a “small business,” but your task list tells a different story.  Between interfacing with clients, running the business, and dealing with the day-to-day challenges thrown your way, you may be feeling overcome with tasks.  Allow us to take a task off your plate by screening your calls. Our team of virtual receptionists can field all of your calls and take down client information so you can focus on important decisions that only you can make. Business answering services provide a polished look and with easy setup, you won’t waste any of your precious time.

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Home Office

Working from home? Your clients don’t have to know that! Maintain the appearance of a bustling office by allowing our team of virtual receptionists to answer and screen your inbound calls.  By offloading your phone calls, you can guarantee you won’t be bogged down by robo or sales calls and will only get the calls you deem most important.  Have a flexible schedule? Our team will work around you to ensure that all calls are handled properly while you’re away.

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Our live answering packages provide an essential service to law firms. Whether it’s an inquiry, important call, or check-in, our virtual receptionists will put your callers at ease and route the calls to the proper team member. By offloading your inbound calls to our live answering team, you’ll avoid being interrupted and be able to focus on what matters most: your business.

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A personal touch is priceless. Instead of an impersonal automated system, our virtual receptionists give your business a distinguished image by providing personalized service with every call. Customize your call handling experience so your clients feel valued and cared for. Our team is completely US-based and dedicated to representing your business in a friendly, professional manner.

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Real Estate

Make more connections and close more deals with a live answering package. Our virtual receptionists are a great addition to any real estate office and are the first voice your callers will hear when reaching out to your business. We can field your calls, handle your clients with care, and make sure you never miss an opportunity. Do you have a showing and can’t take calls? Let our team know and we’ll make sure every call is answered while you’re away.

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It’s hard to juggle multiple clients and jobs, supervising employees, providing estimates, ordering supplies, and the other day-to-day tasks that need to get done to run your company.  Let us take your phone calls off of your plate too.  Our business answering services work with your busy schedule to screen your calls and route them to the appropriate people. No more fielding calls that aren’t a good fit or missing important calls.  Our virtual receptionist will treat each caller with care and most importantly, free you up to focus on your other tasks.

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Never miss a call or important moment and test drive our live answering services for 2 months free on a 3 month term with no setup fees.  Use coupon code TESTDRIVE at checkout.

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