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Why CloudVO is Partnering with Syncaroo

CloudVO partners with Syncaroo Platform for Coworking Space Operators
CloudVO partners with Syncaroo Platform for Coworking Space Operators

Disinfecting tables and door handles. Check.
Clearing out the trash. Check. 
Making coffee. Check. 
Open booking calendar to prepare for clients coming in for the day. Check. Replying to emails. Started.
Updating business information on all. of. the. sites. Not started.

One of the reasons flexible workspace operators can’t seem to get through their daily worklist is often due to just not having enough time. Factor in the laundry list of safety checks and tasks conducted hourly, if not more, this leaves coworking operators and their teams with very little bandwidth for some of the mundane operational tasks that often get added to the “rainy day” list. And does that rainy day ever arrive?

Streamline local listing updates

That is where Syncaroo comes in. The platform enables you to streamline your process of updating your listing(s) and increase your productivity. Workspace operators can control business information such as packages, spaces, amenities, and bookings within their preferred workspace management system, and have their listings automatically updated across several platforms and directories. This is why CloudVO is proud to be an early adopter of integrating with Syncaroo to provide a faster synchronization process for our partners.

It’s a no-brainer that this kind of automation allows teams to work more efficiently throughout their day, focusing on what matters most: their members. 

Another significant benefit to using a single interface for your business listing is that it helps avoid having duplications or outdated information displayed on the internet, which may be confusing to potential and existing customers. Say goodbye to copying and pasting, and say hello to more time spent on enhancing the consumer experience with your brand.

How does Syncaroo Work?

Connect Syncaroo to your preferred management system, from where you’ll manage your business information, products, and services, and then choose which reseller platforms and marketing channels to automatically sync data and changes with. What’s even better? Getting started with syncing your lockdown status is free of charge.

CloudVO partners with Syncaroo platform for flexible office space providers

But there is more to this freemium app. Syncaroo will also remove the barrier of entry to real-time bookings across multiple platforms, skipping the need to connect with these platforms via API, while reducing your operational costs. 

Get started today with Syncaroo. CloudVO Partners receive a discount on paid plans. Contact for your special offer code.

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