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What’s the Cost to List a Coworking Space on CloudVO?

Cost for CloudVO Partners to List

In one word, it is Free. Watch the short video from Amanda Leffew, our Director of Operations to get a feel for how it works.

CloudVO makes money by retaining a percentage of the subscription revenue for services delivered locally by its partners. The platform will automatically calculate the discounted rates to CloudVO after the partner enters their published retail rates in the partner portal. The discounts are:

  • 10% for Full-time Office membership
  • 10% for monthly Coworking passes
  • 25% for Virtual Mail Plans
  • 25% for Meeting Room booking
  • 50% for hourly day offices and daily coworking passes

This applies to all recurring charges collected by CloudVO from its clients. Any incidental charges, such as copies or food catering, should be billed directly by the partner to CloudVO’s clients when they use these services at the partner’s premises, and are not subject to any revenue sharing with CloudVO.

The discounts are necessary to cover CloudVO’s marketing costs, corporate account infrastructure, billing, collection, and operational costs required to support clients and their corporate sponsors.

Partners are asked to enter their retail pricing, i.e. the locally published rates in their standard collateral or website. It is critical that the retail rates provided by CloudVO Partners are consistent with the pricing structure offered at the local level to direct clients.  This allows us to remain competitive and offer fairly priced service packages to clients across the board. Otherwise the location listing will be de-activated from the CloudVO site.

From a partner standpoint, CloudVO is the client and CloudVO’s client is the end-user of the services delivered locally by the partner. Keep in mind that in many cases the client will purchase a broader package that involves services delivered centrally by CloudVO, such as phone answering, concierge services, and needs a single point of contact and billing for the use of multiple locations. CloudVO leverages its technology platform to automate many of the processes involved, which keeps the channel cost low.  In the end, this pricing approach makes the relationship between CloudVO, Partner, and Client very efficient.

Partner with us today. Listing is free. Go to to join.

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