Webinar: Optimizing Your Meeting Room Business

Update: 2019 Meeting Room White Paper is now available.

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Optimizing Your Meeting Room Business


In this free webinar, Laurent, Keith, and Karina share how U.S.-based shared office space operators:


  • Currently Price their Meeting Rooms throughout the U.S.
  • Compare with Regus on prices & utilization and with each other
  • Can maximize Meeting Room utilization
  • Can optimize Meeting Room revenue
  • Can develop their distribution channel
  • Can identify the ideal mix of meeting rooms in size and quantity for their space
  • Prioritize Meeting Room Space for Full Time Members, or not
  • Perceive how their community is impacted by outside visitors and what to do about it
  • How to leverage the power of the new CloudVO Portal

They use the recent and data-rich CloudVO Meeting Room Business Review White Paper as a starting point, with new data and additional perspectives.

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