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Virtual vs. Traditional Office: What’s the Difference?

These days, a lot of entrepreneurs are using technology to their advantage by launching virtual office space. If you want to start a business, but you don’t have large capital, a virtual office provides many resources that could be used to your advantage. Some of these advantages include spending less on furniture, office equipment, or office space, working flexible hours, and much more. It also allows you both to hire staff from different parts of the world giving you access to the best talent in your desired field, and decide where you want your business located be that Orlando, Denver, or Washington

However, it doesn’t mean that a traditional brick and mortar office is a bad choice if you are starting a business either. Yes, it’s a little expensive compared to a virtual workstation, but there are other advantages like getting to interact with your customers and employees face to face, which can be a bit difficult when all interaction is on the phone, emails, or over Skype.

To find the perfect setup for your business, you need to have a solid understanding of each option. This article explores some of the main differences between a traditional office, and virtual office space.

1. Location

A traditional office space has a main, physical address, whereas a virtual office can’t be found in a specific location. In a traditional office setup, employees need to commute and report to work depending on their schedule. When their shift is over, they pack up their things and head home.

Virtual offices however are more independent and flexible. This allows you to work when you want to work, and cut out the travel time that comes with commutes. It does make it harder for overseeing employees, meeting with clients in person, and having a physical address for mail, appearance, and SEO directory listings.

However, with one of CloudVO’s Virtual Office Plans, you can have a main address in many places around the world, such as Orlando, Denver, or Washington DC, without having to be there all the time. In a virtual setting, your home can also be your office. Work is done and delivered online, so you can work anywhere you want, as long as you have stable internet connection. Then, when you do have a meeting with a client, CloudVO also offers you access to meeting rooms, either by the hour or through allotted hours per month, built into some VO plans or available as an add-on feature.

pexels-photo (3)2. Work Hours

Usually, a brick and mortar office follows a 9-hour work schedule. In some instances, employees have two 15-minute breaks and 1-hour lunch break. There are times clients expect you to be in the office, which dictates when your office needs to be open.

On the other hand. a virtual office does not necessarily follow a rigid work schedule. CloudVO can offer Live business answering services, which helps with client expectations, and virtual employees can complete their work can be more project based. This tends to create more responsibility for the projects each employee is working on.

3. Team collaboration

Although completely possible online, this is where a brick and mortar office shines best. Managers understand how important it is to make face to face interactions with their staff. It allows them to build stronger relationships and they can easily brainstorm solutions. However, with advances in technology and access to resources like video conferencing and such, a virtual workstation is effective in communicating with staff from halfway across the globe.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are located in Orlando, Denver, or Washington DC, a traditional office is great for entrepreneurs who want to build customer trust and better relationships with staff. However, if you want to save on operational expenses, are running a business that doesn’t require constant interaction, or like the option to work from wherever you are, opting for a virtual workstation could be a perfect solution for you. Which of the two office settings work best for your business? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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