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Virtual Tour Best Practices: A Guide for Flexible Office Space Operators

Virtual Tour Best Practices for Coworking Operators | CloudVO

Virtual tours don’t have to be a temporary thing just because of Covid. If done right, you can leverage your video tours as a marketing asset that will help you attract new members, as well as help you gain more in-person tours in the future.

To help, we’ve put together an infographic which summarizes the most important things to consider when creating a virtual tour. We hope these video tips and best practices help you create a virtual tour that really ‘shows-off’ the best attributes of your coworking space.

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Summary of Virtual Tour Best Practices


  • Images should be high resolution (300 pixels or higher).
  • Make sure to have consistency in style (landscape or portrait).
  • Eye-level photos are best.
  • Lighting- take photos in spaces with windows and natural light if possible.
  • Show people – empty meeting rooms start to look very sterile.

Recording Footage

  • Intro footage should include you introducing yourself and the area before you walk them into your coworking space for the actual tour.
  • Things to include:  exterior, a sweep of the interior, and show your team!
  • Quick audio overview of services + safety protocols, or new features that address safety.
  • Remember to smile 🙂 or wave. You want to look friendly.
  • Here are some good examples of what other space operators have done: Pacific Workplaces, The Kiln, Industrious


  • Don’t forget to split clips and discard footage you don’t need.
  • Add titles – name of space, selling details, etc.
  • Make smooth transitions between clips.
  • Add a closing title card that includes location and contact info (change font size if necessary so it looks clean).
  • Focus on your products and add still videos, if necessary.
  • Place titles on all still photos.


  • Narration – audio should match the video.
  • Volume of all audio should be equal.
  • Music – we recommend “Timelapse” audio from iMovie.
  • Be sure to fade music out at the end.


  • Final video should be no more than 2-3 minutes. (90 seconds is impossible for a proper tour).
  • Publish .mov file onto Vimeo or any video hosting platform that is easy for others to access.
  • Include virtual tour links on:
    • Website
    • Emails to prospective members
    • Google/Yelp (30-second trailers)

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