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Virtual Offices in Silicon Valley: Modern Business Solutions in the World’s Tech Hub

Silicon Valley: the home of Facebook, Apple, Google, and dozens of other technology companies known for their unqualified success and the way their products have changed they way we live. A Silicon Valley startup company is synonymous with innovation and the potential for unbelievable prosperity. Unfortunately, for those scrappy entrepreneurs aspiring to be the next Zuckerbergs, Silicon Valley is not only known for a hub of innovation and commerce, it is also home to some of the most expensive office (and residential) space in America. Fortunately for those who have yet to make their billions, CloudVO offers a 21st century solution to small business owners who are not quite ready to build a corporate campus rivaling Google’s.

Virtual Office Space: How it Works

Work in a coffee shop and have a real business address with CloudVO's Virtual Office Space Solutions!CloudVO’s virtual office solutions allows a small business owner to have an official office presence in Silicon Valley at a fraction of the cost of actually renting office space. Do you work from home, but still need to meet clients or investors occasionally, and would rather not do it in a coffee shop? Would a Silicon Valley business address or phone number give your startup important legitimacy? Do you need someone to occasionally answer the phone, but don’t want to hassle with an actual employee? CloudVO allows you to package services that will meet these needs and more, allowing you to pay for only what you need.

Services Provided

CloudVO offers three main categories of virtual office services. First, CloudVO offers business addresses and mail forwarding. This service allows your business to have an actual address in some of Silicon Valley’s premier office spaces (more on this later). Mail sent to your virtual office is forwarded to whatever address you choose. Second, CloudVO can provide live telephone answering services for your business. This allows you to have a local or toll free number, without you personally having to deal with phone calls. Depending on your needs, those who call your business line can either be directly forwarded to a phone number of your choice, or your businesses voicemail. Through CloudVO’s live phone answering service, one of CloudVO’s professional and friendly receptionists will answer your business line with the name of your company, and then take a message or forward the call to you. Lastly, CloudVO offers private and shared workspaces and meeting rooms to use, on a subscription or hourly rental basis. This service allows you to meet with your clients or investors at your business address in an impressive conference room or  day office, with a professional administrative staff on location to greet your guests.

Locations in the Silicon Valley

CloudVO offers virtual offices in some of the best locations in the Silicon Valley area. How about an office in Cupertino, blocks away from Apple’s corporate campus and within two miles of other giants in the technology business? Maybe an office in Palo Alto, within minutes of Stanford University and with easy access to the East Bay would suit your needs better? Check out these and other great locations CloudVO offers in the Silicon Valley area.

Virtual Office Solutions

The personal computer, smartphones, and social media have all changed the way we live. Now virtual office space is changing the way we do business. The rise of technology has made working from home possible in a way unimaginable thirty years ago, but small businesses owners and entrepreneurs still find themselves needing the services and legitimacy that only a physical office can provide. CloudVO is the answer. With a virtual office space, get what you need and don’t pay for the extra.

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