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Are You Ready For A Virtual Office Customer Invasion?

Andrea Pirrotti Webinar Slide

Andrea Pirrotti Webinar Slide

The interest for virtual offices has grown rapidly over the last 10 years, and continues to explode.

In a recent webinar, Andrea Pirrotti, now Chief Marketing Officer with WUN Systems, pointed out that “a home based business opens every 11 seconds.” In other words, there are at least 5 new candidates for a virtual office somewhere in the US every minute!

Andrea shared data from the bureau of labor statistics suggesting that 65 million of Americans will soon be freelancers, solopreneurs, and consultants, making up 40% of the workforce. If you are workspace provider, what is your share of that market in your area?

The International Development Research Centre reports there are currently 1.5 billion mobile workers. They need workspaces.

The 2013 GWA Financial Survey revealed that the growth in revenue of subscription-based services, such as coworking membership and virtual offices,  increased twice as fast as the growth in full time office revenue.

The Survey also reports that the occupancy rate of day offices and meeting rooms reaches 65% in High profit Centers, while middle and low-profit business centers show an occupancy rate of 40% – 44%.  It is clear that High Profit Centers are more focused on serving the mobile and virtual office workers than others, and it works.

Have you embraced this change in the way we work? More and more flexible office spaces are offering touchdown space for workers who need an occasional but professional place to work, and no longer a dedicated office. Remember, any vacant office can serve as a day office, whether to accommodate for overflow, or to make up for lost revenue when your business center is not at maximum capacity.

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