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Virtual Office Space: Creating Your Business in Washington, D.C.

You can have a virtual office space by the Washington Monument!

Are you a small business owner looking for a way to give your business a reputable face without breaking the bank? CloudVO’s virtual office solutions allow you to do just that. CloudVO provides affordable mail plans, coworking and meeting spaces, business addresses, and administrative services in Washington, D.C.

Why a Virtual Office?

You can have a virtual office space by the Washington Monument!Maybe you are self-employed and are able to work from home, but occasionally need a setting to meet with clients that is more professional than the corner café. Perhaps you would like an address for your business that is not in the middle of the suburbs or a P.O. Box. Maybe you need an office presence in D.C., however, would rather not pay for office space considered by Forbes to be the third-most expensive in America. CloudVO can meet all these needs and more by allowing businesses to tailor a service package to their specific needs.

Virtual Office Services Provided

CloudVO offers three main categories of virtual office services. First, CloudVO offers business addresses and mail forwarding services. This service allows your business to have an actual address at some of Washington D.C.’s premier office spaces (more on this later). Mail sent to your virtual office is forwarded to whatever address you choose. Second, CloudVO can provide phone and live answering services for your business. This allows you to pick a local D.C. or toll free number for your business. Depending on your needs, those who call your business line can either be directly forwarded to a phone number of your choosing, or your businesses voicemail. Through CloudVO’s live answering service, one of CloudVO’s professional and friendly receptionists will answer your business line with the name of your company, and then take a message or forward the call to you depending on your needs. Lastly, CloudVO offers actual office space and conference rooms to use and meet in, on a subscription or rental basis. This service allows you to meet with your clients at your business address in an impressive conference room or office, with professional office staff on location to meet your clients.

Prestigious Location in Washington DC

Washington D.C. is the political center of the United States, perhaps the political center of the world. Prestige matters when you are dealing with the world’s power brokers. Unfortunately, D.C. is ranked only behind New York City and San Francisco as having the priciest office space rent in the country. Get a D.C. office without paying thousands of dollars a month. CloudVO offers business addresses at a variety of distinguished locations throughout D.C. area. Whether you need a business address or a meeting room a block away from the Capitol Building, or an office just up the street from the Oval Office and the White House, CloudVO has workspaces available for you. If you prefer a business address offering office space surrounded by upscale restaurants and shopping as well as numerous foreign embassies, CloudVO has a place for you. Now offering fourteen excellent virtual office locations across D.C. in addition to numerous options in nearby Baltimore, Arlington, and Alexandria.

The 21st Century Solution to Your Office Needs

While companies like Airbnb and Uber revolutionize the way we travel, CloudVO is changing the way business owners meet their office space needs. CloudVO allows you and your business to have a prestigious location without paying astronomically high rent. You can have a receptionist without worrying about how to keep them busy. CloudVO gives you and your businesses the ability to get the services you need, without having to pay for the things you don’t.

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