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Virtual Offices: Evaluate the Pros and Cons before you buy

Virtual Office Pros and Cons | CloudVO

Virtual Office Pros and Cons | CloudVO

Virtual offices can be a good solution for many companies. Before you make a decision, be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully so that you can make the best choice for your small business. With businesses of all sizes adjusting their budgets and more people than ever starting their own businesses, virtual offices are becoming a viable solution to cut costs and maintain a professional image.

The Pros of Virtual Office Space

Virtual office space is good idea for several different reasons. Although your business will have its own unique needs for virtual office space, here are some of the most common benefits.


Cost savings is a major benefit of maintaining a virtual office rather than a traditional brick and mortar facility. Virtual office space costs just a fraction of what you’d pay to lease an office. The cost savings can be crucial, especially when you are starting up. The money saved on leasing an office can be transferred to other parts of the business, like marketing which is an absolute necessity when your business is new.

Professional office staff

Virtual offices typically come with their own professional office staff that answer phones, take care of your mail and meet with clients when you are holding meetings in the facility. Rather than deal with personnel issues yourself (like hiring and training employees), the virtual office company takes care of that for you. You’ll get all of the professional edge without any of the headaches (or salary commitments).

Growth and expansion

When a typical business needs to hire more employees and has to expand its facilities, it can be a really difficult situation. If you’re using a virtual office set up and your employees are working remotely, you can easily add more staff without having to shop for a new lease.
Prestigious locations – Image is everything in business and with the right address you can experience an increase in leads and business. However, these prestigious addresses come with a price. The typical business owner is stuck between finding something that is affordable or finding something that looks good. With a virtual office, you don’t have to choose. You can have a New York virtual business address while conducting business out of your home in New Jersey.

The Cons of Virtual Office Space

Virtual office space is not the right choice for everyone. Here are some of the reasons why virtual office space may not work for you.

No full-time office home base

For some companies, having a physical space is part of their company culture. Virtual offices don’t allow you to have access to a dedicated full-time office that you can use for these purposes.

No exclusivity

By virtue of their set up, virtual office users share resources with a variety of other companies. This means that the office staff, technical support and other resources have to be shared. This may be a problem for some companies who have an unusually high need for these resources.

As you can see, in most business cases the advantages to having a virtual office far outweigh the disadvantages and are a smart move. Learn more about different virtual office options from CloudVO.

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