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Who Uses Call Answering Services?

Live Telephone Answering | CloudVO
Our recent webinar on Phone Answering Best Practices & Outsourcing highlighted the key types of people who use phone answering services. Here is a summary of what was discussed: The first type of user is anyone who wants to project a strong local image. Many virtual office plan members are based out of the area. Having a local phone number with live answering services allows them to suggest proximity. Live receptionists take messages, patch calls, provide answers to frequently asked questions, and more. The second type of user is anyone who cannot afford to miss a call, especially if missing a call cause losing a sale or a customer service opportunity. Good customer care requires a quick response. Consultants, sales representatives, or support technicians should consistently be available for callers. Having a live answering service ensures that important calls are not lost and help capture precious caller contact information. Not all callers leave a voicemail. The third type of user is anyone who needs to better leverage their time during business hours. Having someone to screen and announce calls saves a user time and increases productivity. For example, attorney’s, event planners, medical clinics, and business consultants are avid users of phone answering services due to the demands of their jobs. Many busy professionals, particularly attorneys, appreciate the screening and announcing features of live phone answering, giving them the few seconds they need to gather their thoughts, recollect a case, and make their client feel they are the most important person in their practice. Overall, all of the types of users listed above find mental and economic relief in phone answering services. To learn more about CloudVO’s Business Answering services, please visit here.

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