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Tech Tools To Level-Up Your Productivity

Tech Tools That Level Up Your Productivity | CloudVO

Most businesses need technology if they want to perform at their best. Luckily, apps and software are so easy and affordable these days that it would be a tragedy not to make use of that which is so readily accessible. Today, CloudVO shares some examples of why tech and software investments are worth gold in the business world.

Project Management Tools

In the world of online and remote work, project management tools are extremely handy at keeping the whole team involved and in sync with one another. Trello is one such project management tool that is free to use and comes with many benefits for you and your team. It is also a great tool to stay on top of tasks with its ability to color-code tasks and is excellent for collaboration. Zoho is another all-in-one solution to keep on top of your project management tasks and eliminate unnecessary work processes; it is a platform that allows you to manage your resources better. As for collaboration, Zoho works like a charm in this area, too, by allowing you to assign work and communicate with staff and team members in real-time at the press of a button.


Trello Project Management Tool
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Simplify Your Marketing

These days, social media takes a lot of the sting out of advertising. But you still need to produce eye-catching content if you want to expand your customer base. This is where infographics come in. In fact, you can use this tool to create your infographic for free, then share your images via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This will allow you to express your creativity while quickly reaching a much larger audience of potential customers.

Customer Relationship Management Software

If you want to gain more leads, investing in Customer Relationship Management software will help you achieve this. Pipedrive and Salesforce are examples of CRM solutions that can help you gain valuable new customers as well as track how you are retaining existing ones. As you can imagine, the benefits of using such software to generate hundreds of leads will be worth every bit of the investment. And the beauty of the investment is that it will be a nominal fee at most.

Time Tracking Software

The age-old adage that time is money never gets old. Hence, why you might want to optimize the time spent on every task in your business. Time tracking software will allow you to do this by tracking the time spent on tasks, allowing you to see which duties and responsibilities generate more money than others. Again, many of these tools are available for free on the basic level. And even if you want to upgrade to more fancy features, the pricing tiers escalate incrementally so that you can choose a plan you can afford.

Pro-tip: Digital mail apps can also save time in that they make mail management a lot easier. This technology usually goes hand-in-hand if your business leverages a virtual office plan with mail services. Virtual mail services are a smart move for businesses interested in increasing efficiencies and creating time-saving systems for repeating tasks. Simply put, it’s a more efficient way to handle mail. Virtual mailbox services receive your business mail. You are then notified of mail received and you can leverage the app to tell the provider how you want your mail processed (i.e. forwarded, scanned, shredded, etc).

Digital Mailbox and Virtual Mail Services | CloudVO

Content Management System

Your website is an example of a Content Management System that serves as the lifeblood of your business online. Most websites nowadays are designed using WordPress, which has free and paid options depending on the features you want to be included in it.

If you want to win online and in business, using technology is the way to go. It’ll save you valuable time and company resources, not to mention vastly improve your marketing, raising your return on revenue like you’ve never seen it before.

Business Answering Services

Between running the business and interfacing with customers, you have a lot on your plate. A business answering provider can be a tremendous productivity tool. Having someone to screen and announce calls saves you time and makes it so you never miss a call. From answering your calls to tech software that allows you to establish a business line in any area code and ensure that you never miss a call, live answering services are a great way to establish a local business presence that is stronger than fielding calls from your cell phone.

CloudVO allows you to access flexible workspace services on a subscription or pay-per-use basis. Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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