How Many Meeting Rooms Should You Have? A Meeting Room Guide for Flexible Office Space Operators

In this series, we will extract some of the data we published in our 2019 Meeting Room White Paper and dig deeper on our analysis.

Meeting Rooms are an indispensable amenity in any coworking space for three main reasons:

  1. Members need them for their own meeting requirements, both planned and sometimes impromptu
  2. Meeting rooms are an important revenue center, and a very profitable one at that
  3. Hosting meetings in your coworking space draws very desirable traffic that may convert into membership

What’s important to full-time members is that the meeting rooms are there and accessible when they need to host a meeting that cannot be accommodated in their office. Everyone likes “free,” but the availability of the rooms are more important than the price.

This is important to realize because the opportunity to monetize the meeting rooms outside of your membership is significant.

If you have a coworking space with 50 to 200 members, maintaining two meeting rooms and one day office is the bare minimum to provide the level of service that shared office space members expect. Many centers, particularly those with a healthy virtual office business, will have 5 and sometimes 10 or more meeting rooms and day offices.

The average number of meeting rooms in the U.S. is 3.5 per location, with 25% at 4 meeting rooms or more. As a reminder, these statistics come from analyzing the CloudVO inventory of 2,500 meeting rooms published on, out of 700 partners worldwide with two-thirds of them in the United States. In some cases, operators do not publish all their inventory for online bookings which may slightly under estimate the true inventory numbers.

Meeting Room Data for Coworking Spaces | Number of Meeting Rooms | CloudVO

Monetizing Meeting Rooms is Too Important to Ignore

Whereas some free access to meeting rooms for full-time members can be a good idea, the opportunity cost associated with “free” is very high and the ability to monetize the rooms to outside visitors is too important to ignore. A better idea is to make them available to the public at large, and market them via resellers such as CloudVO as well as via your own local marketing efforts.

Pacific Workplaces estimates that the revenue generated by its meeting rooms (over 100 rooms in 20 locations) is 125% to 300% what it could generate by converting the rooms as full-time offices instead. The larger the room, the bigger the opportunity cost. Hence, it pays to have an aggressive meeting room profit center strategy as many CloudVO partners have found.

Over the last 10 years, we have seen a drastic reduction in ‘free’ meeting room hours provided to full-time members by operators, and a significant increase in meeting rooms available online via resellers such as CloudVO, Liquidspace, or DaVinci.

Use your Vacant Offices as Temporary Day Offices

Unlike WeWork, Regus has a healthy Virtual Office and Meeting Room business. We undertook a comprehensive comparison of their meeting room inventory, available for online bookings, with that of independent operators. It is interesting to see that Regus tends to maintain fewer larger- sized meeting rooms than independent operators, but many more rooms classified as “day offices.” This is because Regus will systematically list vacant offices as “day offices” and make them available to Virtual Office clients and “off-the-street” bookings.

They can also work as overflow for full-time members when the dedicated meeting rooms are full. We think this approach is a best practice that independent operators should emulate. Many IT platforms such as Yardi KUBE, Essensys, or DeskWorks will support the automatic listing of a vacant office as a free office, adding to your inventory of rooms that can be monetized as a meeting room until it’s leased again to a full-time client. The CloudVO platform integrates with many of the prevalent IT coworking platforms, which will enable us to market the available slots in your meeting room calendar and give end-users a seamless experience.

Meeting Room Data USA Coworking Spaces Average Rooms per Location | CloudVO

If you need assistance on how to monetize your vacant offices as day offices until they are leased to a full-time member again, do not hesitate to reach out to

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the CloudTouchdown network that grants preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at nearly 1,000 locations worldwide for mobile workers and distributed workforces under a subscription model or on a pay-per-use basis.

CloudVO City Guide: Austin, Texas

CloudVO’s City Guide Series continues. Today, we are highlighting our partner location, Executive Workspace (EWS), located in Austin, Texas. Austin is not only the capital of the state of Texas, but it is also known for being the live music capital of the world, home of the Longhorns, The University of Texas, and so much more. We are excited to share more details about these workspaces in Austin, since the CloudVO team is heading to Austin in September for the 2018 FlexOffice Conference! If you are also heading to the conference and are planning to stay an extra few days in the city and need a space to work, be sure to check out these shared workspaces.

CloudVO partner, Executive Workspace, offers a professional, ready-to-work environment, prestigious business address, featuring  fully-equipped meeting rooms and private day offices with high-speed internet. These spaces also offer a friendly administrative team to greet your guests and receive mail and packages, and a community lounge serving coffee, tea, and water. They are equipped with all the amenities necessary for promoting success in a workspace.

CloudVO Partner Executive Workspace in Austin Texas

Luckily, we had a chance to hear first hand from Nick, the Executive Workspaces Austin regional director about these spaces. “One of the, many ☺, great things about Executive Workspace is that we will customize your office needs to fit you. We won’t charge you for services that you don’t intend on using; but we have so many services to choose from! Memberships, phones, mail options, custom office build outs, day office rates, private offices, group offices, conference rooms…. We can do it all.

Our locations are each unique to themselves but have a great culture. Downtown is right in the thick of things. Many of our clients walk or bike to work. It’s a fun floor and everyone gets along. We have people who have officed there for 10+ years, and some who are just starting. One of the great things we see that I really think embodies Austin, is that the clients all help each other. Many end up referring business to one another, or will talk shop in the break room. Our Wild Basin location is beautiful. It’s modern, clean, and some offices have their own private balconies. The building has a live forest and creek in the atrium! If that doesn’t sound like Austin, well, it sounds like Austin.

For me, Austin is a community of friendly people, including business people. Everyone is willing to sit down and have a cup of coffee and discuss what partnerships we can create. I love that about this city. It’s vibrant, innovative and active. My family and I kayak every weekend; this place is beautiful. EWS is creating something to match that culture and environment.”

If Nick doesn’t have you ready to move your business to Austin, here are some more facts: There are two Executive Workspace locations offering virtual office plans and meeting rooms in Austin- Wild Basin and Downtown. All of the meeting rooms available are furnished, beautifully decorated, and include complimentary beverages for you and your guests. These meeting rooms provide a quiet, collaborative environment to host your next meeting, conference, or training session. Other resourceful amenities include Wi-Fi, whiteboards and projectors, state-of-the-art technology and video conferencing equipment.

As we heard from Nick, Wild Basin offers excellent Virtual Office Plans and Meeting Rooms, located in the West Lake Hills across from The Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve in Austin, Texas. Highway 360 is also easily accessible from the Wild Basin location which makes it an ideal spot for anyone traveling to the area due to its convenience.

CloudVO Partner Executive Workspace Wild Basin Meeting Room Austin Texas

Located in the heart of Austin’s Central Business District, the downtown location also offers Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms and is just a few blocks from the Texas State Capitol. This beautiful Austin Virtual Office is an ideal location for anyone wanting a business presence in downtown Austin. Within walking distance is the Courthouse, fine dining restaurants and everything else that downtown Austin has to offer.

CloudVO Partner Executive Workspace Downtown Austin Central Business District

For breakfast and lunch, Bird Bird Biscuit is a fast-casual breakfast- and lunch -only biscuit spot with savory and sweet options. This spot is very unique and Instagram-worthy. For dinner, Arlo Grey is an in-hotel, lakeside eatery that’s open everyday from 5-10PM. This debut restaurant from Top Chef’s Season 10 winner Kristen Kish features her fresh take on classic dishes and techniques using Texas ingredients.

CloudVO City Guide Austin Texas Bird Bird Biscuit

Join the CloudVO team at the Hyatt Regency in Austin for the 2018 FlexOffice Conference. This is a sophisticated hotel on Lady Bird Lake that offers an exceptional location near SoCo, 6th Street and Downtown. The Omni Austin Hotel Downtown is another great option that offers modern comfort and luxury amenities. With either hotel, you’ll be in close proximity to the conference action.  If you are planning to attend, be sure to stop by and say hello to the CloudVO team at our booth!

CloudVO City Guide Austin Texas Hyatt Regency Site of 2018 FlexOffice Conference

About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp, headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the  and  e-commerce sites and grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.

CloudVO City Guide: New York City – Financial District

This month in CloudVO’s City Guide Series, we are taking a closer look at some of the shared workspaces offered in New York City’s Financial District. Established as one of the most financially powerful cities in the world, this area is comprised of official headquarters and offices of many major financial institutions such as, the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It’s no secret that as a business person or entrepreneur, the Financial District of New York City is a very prestigious place to work.

 All CloudVO partner locations that we are featuring offer fully-equipped meeting rooms and day offices with high-speed internet and a community lounge serving coffee, tea, and water. Virtual Office plans are available for standard mail services and use of business address, with options to add live phone answering services. Most locations also offer Virtual Office plans with additional amenities such as mail forwarding, discounted access to meeting rooms, and directory listing in the lobby.

We will highlight a few of the most popular locations in the Financial District of New York City.

CloudVO partner, TKO Suites, offers meeting rooms and private workspaces for mobile workers at 42 Broadway. Just a few buildings away from Wall Street, this newly built and beautifully decorated shared office space provides a professional place to have a business meeting – whether in a large conference room or a more private meeting room where you can focus and conduct business. This location also offers Virtual Office Plans that gain you a professional business address and more starting at $50 per month.

TKO Suites Virtual Office Space & Meeting Rooms in New York City Financial District City Guide Blog

Jay Suites, is another CloudVO partner, and offers meeting rooms ready for on-the-go workers at 30 Broad St on the 14th floor of a 48 story landmark building. Enjoy a luxurious modern space with 16,000 square-feet and panoramic views of the infamous New York City skyline; the perfect place for startups or freelancers. Character and charm are all around this location – including pedestrian-friendly cobblestone streets (yes, cobblestone streets in the middle of New York City) and you are steps away from all major NYC subway lines. Virtual office Plans are offered starting at $50 per month.

Large Conference Room at Jay Suites 30 Broad Street CloudVO City Blog Financial District New York City

CloudVO partner, Your Wall Street Office, provides a shared workspace at 30 Wall St and is fully-equipped with everything you need to run your business smoothly. Adjacent to the historic New York Stock Exchange, this location is ideal for any financial based company or anyone looking for a prestigious business address in this area. Virtual Office Plans with mail services are available starting at $60 per month.

Virtual Office and Meeting Rooms at 30 Wall Street CloudVO Blog City Guide New York City Financial District

The final partner we have chosen to highlight within the Financial District is CloudVO partner, Prime Office Center, who offer shared workspace solutions at 44 Wall St. These meeting rooms are mere steps from the New York Stock Exchange and have easy access to all major subway and transport lines. Boasting countless meeting room amenities and a prime location for your next business meeting, Prime Office Center has everything you need for success in your work world. Virtual Office Plans include amenities such as mail and package services, a prestigious business address, and live personalized phone answering service – starting at $75 per month.

Reception at 44 Wall Street Prime Office Center CloudVO City Guide Blog New York Financial District

When searching for the best eateries, you’ll want to check out a few of the most highly recommended spots in the Financial District: Leo’s Bagels; start your day off with their handmade bagels and topping offerings, along with a delicious coffee and you’re set. Adrienne’s Pizzabar; amazing square cut pizza, lasagna, salads, etc…great for lunch or dinner and they offer online ordering and delivery if you can’t breakaway from the office. Felice 64; a stylish restaurant for authentic Italian dishes with an extensive wine list and a cozy atmosphere to get lost in. Lastly, Augustine; located inside The Beekman Hotel, is a classic upscale French restaurant with an incredible menu and ambiance and is perfect for professional business meetings or date night.

Adrienne’s Pizzabar CloudVO City Guide Blog New York City Financial District
Photo source: www.Adrienne’

Recommendations for hotels: The Fredrick is perfect for all your needs with high quality rooms and is very budget-friendly. If you’re looking for something more upscale, the aforementioned Beekman Hotel is a great option with an old-world vibe and beautifully appointed art. There’s also a great bar called The Bar Room in the hotel, and is a good choice for winding down from a busy day. Hampton Inn Manhattan/Downtown-Financial District is centrally located and only 2 blocks from Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. They offer a comfortable experience with all of the desirable amenities and is another nice choice.

Property The Beekman Hotel Lobby Thompson Hotels CloudVO City Guide Financial District New York
Augustine at The Beekman. Photo Source: Thompson Hotels

Whether you are in the market for a prestigious business address, local phone services, or meeting rooms in the Financial District, CloudVO partners have an array of great options. Known as a financially powerful iconic area of New York, the Financial District is the perfect place to find a shared workspace to grow your business or host your next business meeting. 

About CloudVO

CloudVO  is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp, headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the     and    e-commerce sites and grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms in 700 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.

Don’t Leave Your Clients Out In The Cold

Don’t leave your clients out in the cold. That’s what Virtual Offices are for!

Keith’s short video is not just hilarious; it gives a true sense for at least a couple of the key value drivers that plead in favor of virtual offices:

1) Convenience – Your home office may not be out in the snow like Keith’s, but chances are it’s not a convenient place to have a business meeting. Alternatives like meeting at Starbucks have limits, WRT privacy, amenities, or lack therefore. CloudVO features over 600 Virtual Office locations worldwide with multiple professional meeting rooms, part-time offices, and touchdown spaces in each center.

2) Brand & Image – Not all business transactions can be done online. People often want to know who they are dealing with. Meeting in a professional space will often inspire more confidence. At the minimum, it is more likely to support a productive meeting (for example with reliable Internet connection and projection tools). The concept of image here is not about “pretending” you have a big shot office in a nice building, this is about being efficient and effective. A productive meeting that you host will reflect positively on your brand, personal or corporate, which is related to, but goes way deeper than a superficial view of “image”. A virtual office provides this opportunity at a fraction of the cost of a full-time office in the same building.

3) Better Customer Service – If your virtual office plan includes the use of live phone answering service, you will ensure that your customer calls will always been promptly answered and that you will be less likely to miss an important prospect call if you are not able to answer the call directly. While a call is patched to you, you also have time to mentally prepare yourself, collect your thoughts, and make the caller feel he or she is your most important customer.

4) Low Cost – A virtual office is the most cost-efficient way to establish a strong local business identity at a fraction of the cost of a full-time office – even in a shared office space. Anywhere between 5-20% of the cost of a dedicated office, in our experience, depending upon the level of service you need.

The Cloud Office plans by CloudVO are designed to establish a strong local business identity, with a local phone number, live answering services, and 16 hours/month of free access to day offices and meeting rooms at many of its 600 locations. Their cost is typically in the $250 to $350 per month range, but Virtual Office plans can start as low as $50 with basic use of a building address and mail services; although most mail services would be in the $69 to $99 range.

About CloudVO ™

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp, headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the and e-commerce sites and grants preferential access to day offices, coworking space, and professional meeting rooms at close to 600 locations worldwide for distributed workers on a subscription or a pay-per-use basis.

A Coworking Safari

On July 9, 2014, we asked 27 CloudVO associates to spend their entire day in a coworking place and to share their experience on Yammer real time. This article presents a summary of some of the raw observations made by our group on that coworking safari day, without interpretation or judgment.


The safari was designed to increase our organization’s knowledge of the coworking landscape. Fifty six percent (56%) of the participants had never coworked previously. The rule was for all participants to check in a location that promotes itself online as “coworking,” pay for a day pass, and share his or her experience and observations throughout the day via a moderated discussion forum on Yammer. Most of the discussions were structured – the moderator sent questions to the group throughout the day every ½ hour or so – but the participants also engaged in impromptu and highly interactive online conversations throughout the day. All data reported in this article was strictly based on those field observations.


The group checked-in 26 different coworking places in California and Nevada:

  • In 17 different cities
  • 16 locations were in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • 5 were in the Sacramento area
  • 4 were in other California areas (including LA & San Diego areas)
  • 1 location was in Reno, Nevada.

For the most part, participants picked locations close to their home or place of work. Since the majority were CloudVO employees, it is no surprise that the observations were skewed to Northern California, where the company main offices are located.

The vast majority of the operations visited by our group were dedicated coworking operations, with names like Hacker Dojo, NextSpace, The Port, The Hub, SandBox, Comerge, Enerspace, Urban Hive, San Leandro Coworking, Reno Collective, SpherePad, Hacker Lab, LapTop Lounge, ThinkHouse, Sillicon Valley Pad, Get Smartworkplaces, Sattelite, Comerge. One operation was a coworking place specifically designed for legal professionals (Thirty33 Legal Suites). Two locations advertised themselves as coworking places but were effectively touchdown space for professionals (e.g. MediaPod, with Courtyard by Marriott). The majority of the operations were for-profit operations, focused solely on coworking, but at least one was a non-profit operation, managed by and for its members.

Capacity & Usage

Half of the coworking places were small, with less than 40 coworking seat capacity, but 30% had more than 80 open coworking seats. Close to 40% of the locations offered private offices (ranging from 5 to 20 private offices). Most had collaborative space. Two-thirds provided private or semi-private conference rooms, ranging from 1 to 6 meeting rooms per location. 

Distributio of Coworking Seat Capacity Number of Users at Peak Time


Whereas the majority of the coworkers on our safari day seemed to fall in the 31 to 39 years old age group, all ages were represented, including Millenials, Gen Y, Gen X, and Boomers. 

Population Age Breakdown


Day Pass prices ranged from $10 to $75, with $25 as the median rate. A few locations offered free passes to “test drive” the coworking places. These free pass opportunities were not factored into our statistics.

The median monthly membership, with unlimited access was $295, also with a wide range from $79 to $475 per month. Many operators offer ten-day or five-day access at reduced prices. Dedicated desks, where users often leave their monitor, ranged from $300 to $550 with a median rate at $433/month. 

Published Prices


While a few of the smaller locations seemed to have spotty internet connections, most provided decent but not exceptional Internet connectivity. More surprisingly, only half of the locations seemed to provide some form of network printing. When available, printing was often free of charge.

Internet Connection Speed


Whereas community events are said to be the critical fabric of their place by most coworking operators, our observers could find events prominently posted in only 58% of the locations.

What really struck our safari participants is that the coworking locations were places to get work done. The image of informality some coworking places promote, with folks lounging on a couch with a beer on hand and a laptop on the knees, were no where to be seen. What the group observed instead were studious, library-style, work environments, where folks are by and large respectful of each other’s space and sound privacy. For example, most folks while making cell phone calls are careful not to do this in a way that disturbs other coworkers.

Coffee and beverage were very simple for the most part –no luxury!- but seemed to achieve their purpose.

Sound Level

Coffee Rating

Coworking Ambiance

Rate Your Coworking Experience

Join us for ‘Workspace-as-a-Service Safari Day’ in the Spring of 2015.

We would like to engage our entire industry in a Workspace-as-a-Service Safari Day in the spring of 2015. Let’s cover 100+ cities worldwide! Take one day out of your busy schedule to join our global field trip and in the process:

  • Help gather incredibly valuable data and help understand our changing industry.
  • Gain deep insights into the operations of other players in your space.
  • Enjoy the highly interactive format and benefit from the experience of hundreds of other participants in real time.

Here is how we would like to organize that day:

  • If you are a business center operator then check into a nearby coworking place or incubator for the day and offer other participants of the Safari a flat $40 rate to check into a day office at your center for that same day.
  • If you are a coworking operator, check into a nearby business center day office or an incubator and offer participants of the Safari a regular day pass at your center, not to exceed $40 for that day.
  • If you work for an incubator, check into a nearby business center day office or a coworking space for the day and offer participants of the Safari your regular coworking day pass at regular cost, not to exceed $40 for the day.

If you are interested in participating in the Spring 2015 World Workspace-as-a-Service Safari Day, please fill the following form.

We anticipate requesting participating operators to cap their Coworking Day Pass (coworking location), or Day Office Pass (Business Centers) at $40 max for any participants in the safari.

First Name

Last Name

Company Name

Your Email

Phone Number

Enter Address

Your Main Activity

For more information, consult our Workspace Provider Resource Center. Join our Workplace-as-a-Service ™ LinkedIN Discussion Group for more data-driven discussions with our community of workspace providers, one chewable data-bite at a time.

CloudVO ™ Team

Is it a Strategic Mistake for Business Centers to provide a Coworking Offering?

I am tempted to say: Yes, be careful!

Coworking CrossroadsThis answer may surprise many of you. I have been an enthusiastic observer of coworking ever since ‘The Work Club’ started in Emeryville, CA, in 2004. I believe that all players in the Workspace-as-a-Service arena will eventually converge to offer a menu of choices ranging from private offices and professional meeting rooms to coworking options, all under the same roof. Walking the walk, as CEO of Pacific Business Centers, I drove our own experimentation with coworking 3 years ago.

So am I disavowing my own coworking strategy while at the helm of Pacific?

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