Intro to Calendaring Software: 7+ Benefits for Coworking Spaces

Benefits of Real Time Calendaring for Coworking Spaces | CloudVO

Is your workspace team using a manual calendaring system? Are you trying to manage reservations and schedules with spreadsheets and shared docs?

Maybe it makes sense for you to use a manual system because you’re small enough to manage each booking in-person. 

Or maybe you’ve had a systems meltdown when using an online program and you feel more comfortable using an in-house system.

Or maybe you were unsuccessful teaching members how to use a real-time system and you ended up with members booking large rooms for small meetings, small rooms for large meetings, or any other number of missteps.

Or, maybe the investment in a software solution for calendaring doesn’t seem worth the expense.

More likely though, you’re buried in todos and don’t know all the options available to you—let alone which ones will work for you and your team.

But, if you plan to scale, you’ll need to automate your calendaring at some point. So you may as well set it up now.

Benefits of Real Time Calendaring for Coworking Spaces

Online calendaring offers a host of benefits for coworking space operators. At the top of the list is that it takes a todo off the plate of your overextended community managers. This is a huge win in and of itself.

It can also help sell coworking and virtual office memberships, boost meeting room revenue, and give members and potential members a more seamless and convenient experience.

Here are seven more benefits to online calendaring:

  1. It sets an expectation for the customer by being open and transparent about real-time availability of spaces and services.
  2. It reduces the time and resources needed to reserve rooms by eliminating the need for emails or phone calls when booking.
  3. It frees up staff time, allowing community managers to focus on other needs and community building.
  4. Clients can see availability and make bookings 24/7/365 without being constricted by the space’s business hours
  5. Most unified booking platforms have integrated billing systems to streamline payment collection which removes the hassle of chasing down payments.
  6. While technology is not always fool-proof, it’s more reliable than manually keeping the information about bookings.  
  7. Required fields such as name, time, date, attendees, contact info are safeguards these platforms have to prevent overlapping or booking errors.
  8. Users are requiring it. Maybe not the attorney member that has been there forever and is quite happy asking the front desk staff to make the booking, but pretty much everyone else.

If it’s not real-time, many won’t book, particularly corporate users. If you don’t use a system that can provide real-time booking and that can communicate to a platform like CloudVO or Liquidspace, you cut yourself off from one of the most profitable side of your business.

Pacific Workplaces Online Meeting Room Bookings | CloudVO
CloudVO sister company Pacific Workplaces offers online meeting room bookings for a seamless and convenient experience for current and potential members.

Syncing Your Calendaring Systems to Platform Partners and Resellers

It’s now easier than ever to sync calendars to reservations, scheduling and booking platforms through API integration.

Through CloudVO, you can sync calendars via Google Calendar. Once you’ve officially signed up your locations through our partner portal, you can add Google credentials to each listing on the platform.  To do this, log into our portal and access the location(s) you would like to sync.  Each room can be synced to its respective calendar and clients can start booking in real-time.

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If Google Calendar integration is not available with an API for your specific platform at this time, partners can send us credentials to access their platform where we can make bookings on your behalf.  While this still isn’t “real-time” on our end, it does eliminate half of the communication needed to confirm bookings manually.

This can increase the number of leads and bookings that are received from channel partners because it’s faster than manually confirming by phone and email.

Our mission at CloudVO is to provide a seamless interface between your calendar and our platform so potential members and customers can book space in your workplace quickly and painlessly.

Have questions about which online booking platforms are the best for coworking operators? Already a partner and want to sync your calendar for seamless real-time bookings? Contact us to learn more.

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About CloudVO

CloudVO is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp., headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office, coworking and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service™ model. CloudVO operates the CloudTouchdown network that grants preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at nearly 1,000 locations worldwide for mobile workers and distributed workforces under a subscription model or on a pay-per-use basis.

Meeting Room White Paper 2019

Meeting Room White Paper 2019 Hourly Prices Per Room Size All Operators in United States

Tell us a bit about yourself before downloading the white paper.

We are excited to announce our 2019 Meeting Room White Paper. This survey analyzes Day Office and Meeting Room pricing, utilization rates, and revenue, and serves as an update to the comprehensive meeting room price review first published by CloudVO in 2015. It is a high-level summary of considerable data and analyses collected and performed in Q1 2019.

We collected hourly prices from 20,710 day offices and meeting rooms in 3,378 locations across the United States, available for booking online directly from the providers’ own websites or via resellers like CloudVO, Liquidspace and Davinci. We mined the data to draw comparisons across regions and providers, between resellers and original providers, and of course a comparison between CloudVO partners and Regus in each region.

A more comprehensive analysis is made available for free to CloudVO partners to enable them to drill down on their region of operation and use this collection of data to set up more effective meeting room strategies.

In this public version we are sharing data aggregated on a US-wide basis that highlight different strategies across providers and should raise many good questions in the operator’s mind. We also share meeting room utilization metrics from our sister company Pacific Workplaces.

The meeting room business is a substantial source of revenue for shared office space operators, with expected revenue significantly higher than alternative uses, such as full-time offices or coworking space. This analysis gives a sense of the potential for revenue per type of room and per square foot. It also shares statistics on observed retail hourly prices for various room sizes.

The survey does not include data from hotels or conference centers that have a different value proposition and typically charge higher rates.

We believe this survey paints an accurate picture of the meeting room business provided by the Shared Office Space industry in the U.S.

Get access to invaluable resources like this when you list your workspace location for free and partner with us. Join our network of close to 700 locations around the world. Visit us at  

About CloudVO

CloudVO   is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp, headquartered in San Francisco, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office and meeting room solutions to professionals under a Workplace-as-a-Service ™ model. CloudVO operates the CloudTouchdown network that grants preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at close to 700 locations worldwide for mobile workers and distributed workforces under a subscription model or on a pay-per-use basis.

HappyDesk Powers Pacific Workplaces and Boosts CloudTouchdown ™ Real Time Capabilities

Press Release | For Immediate Release

Boca Raton, Florida, September 09, 2014

HappyDesk, the only complete enterprise software solution for shared spaces with features including e-commerce, billing, CRM, and automated proposals and CloudVO ™, the manager of the CloudTouchdown ™ network and a global provider of virtual office solutions and touchdown space for mobile workers, announce today that Pacific Workplaces, an operator of on-demand workplaces with 15 locations in California, is using the CloudTouchdown-enabled HappyDesk platform for e-commerce and meeting room reservations.

“We are pleased that Pacific Workplaces is able to utilize HappyDesk to power its web site e-commerce capabilities and real time booking of meeting rooms,” said Dorthy Bright, President and cofounder of HappyDesk. It is yet another HappyDesk endorsement by a quality player in the Workspace-as-a-Service industry.”

“I am delighted with the performance of the HappyDesk platform,” said Scott Chambers, COO of Pacific Workplaces. “We are selling quite a few Virtual Offices online on our web site thanks to the HappyDesk white site, which is great. But I am especially pleased with the HappyDesk meeting room booking features, which make our calendar accessible real time to CloudTouchdown ™ and users, while keeping us in control of our clients.”

Laurent Dhollande, CEO of CloudVO ™ added: “This announcement speaks to the HappyDesk technology leadership in our industry. They have already achieved state-of-the-art functionality with a plug & play platform that is easy for operators to use and to embed into their own web site. I particularly appreciate that they are deploying significant resources for making HappyDesk fully compatible with the CloudTouchdown ™ program. The combination of independent Workspace-as-a-Service ™ operators + HappyDesk + CloudTouchdown ™ is now a potent combination.”

# # # # #

About HappyDesk
Happy Desk LogoHappyDesk‘s Sharing-space-as-a-service (Saas) software platform was created with a singular purpose – to transform the way shared spaces are sold, accessed and serviced. Space providers leverage HappyDesk’s white label e-commerce, CRM, billing, proposal, door access and marketplace to increase engagement. The result: providers enjoy satisfied clients, increased revenue and reduced administrative time and cost. Seekers rely on HappyDesk because of the endless amount of shared space options they can search and reserve. With hundreds of providers across four continents, direct engagement between provider and end-user has never been so easy or transparent.

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CloudVO LogoCloudVO ™ is the umbrella brand of Cloud Officing Corp, headquartered in Palo Alto, California. CloudVO’s mission is to provide comprehensive virtual office and meeting room solutions to mobile workers and telecommuters under a Workplace-as-a-Service ™ model. CloudVO ™ operates the CloudTouchdown ™ network that grant preferential access to day offices and meeting rooms at 450 locations worldwide for distributed workers under a pay-per-need model.

About Pacific Workplaces
Pacific Workplaces LogoPacific Workplaces (Pac: for short) are great places to work, with a wide range of part-time and full-time furnished office spaces including virtual offices, private offices, and mini-suites, in a shared infrastructure environment, with curated communities that maximize networking opportunities and serendipity. Members have access to meeting rooms, coworking areas, business lounges, VoIP telephony, unified messaging, answering services, IT support, admin support, and an online legal library, under a pay-per-need hosted model [pac] refers to as Workplace-as-a-Service ™. All [pac] centers are operated by PBC Management LLC.

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