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Help Our Affiliate in Northern California Stay #1 With Social Media!

Social Media on The Office for Small Businesses

Recently, our Northern California affiliate Pacific Workplaces announced that its Facebook page ranks #1 in the flexible office space industry with 62% more “likes” than the main Facebook page of its main competitor, a company 150 times its size.

To us, this is a testimony to the tremendous power that viral marketing and social media brought to small business. This is both refreshing and empowering.

A Tounge-In-Cheek Video on Social Media Strategy and Tactics

Of course, the enthusiasm Pacific Workplaces employees bring to their social networking has much to do with this, too. The company estimates that 78% of its workforce engages in social networking activities that supports its social media efforts. They even went a step further by revealing their “secret sauce” in a video we encourage you to watch.

Beyond its humor, the video is thought provoking and raises powerful questions on:

The difference between “social media friends” and “real” friends;
The fallacy that equates popularity on social media with ROI (be careful!);
But also the value of involving all employees in engaging with the communities they serve.

Keith Warner, Managing Partner and “star” of the video, made a statement which just a couple of years ago would have raised significant eyebrows: “We recognized that the lines between professional lives and personal lives blurred a long time ago and we embraced the idea that our company’s social networking activities can be an interesting component of our employees personal networks, and vice-versa”.

Meanwhile, we hear that the $1.5 billion competitor of Pacific Workplaces has engaged a professional social media marketing team in an attempt to close the gap. It will be interesting to see how much money they will have to invest to compete with the power of good content and viral marketing.

Let’s all help Pacific Workplaces stay number one by visiting their company page on Facebook and clicking on the “Like” icon at the top of their page:

And since you will be at it, why not give our own Facebook page a similar push at:!

We hope you will enjoy them both… and post comments to contribute to the communities these pages support.

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