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The Perks of Running your Business from Los Angeles

Give your startup a running start with CloudVO's Office Space in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California. Perhaps no other city in the world captures the imagination the way L.A. does, a city synonymous with fame, wealth, and success. The L.A. metropolitan area is home to nearly 20 million people, enjoys some of the best weather in America, and is also the business hub of the West coast.  As an entrepreneur, L.A. is a great city to make it big with a small business or startup. Unfortunately for a determined and thrifty entrepreneur, L.A. is also home to astronomically high prices for office space. Virtual office space is a contemporary and savvy solution to this problem, allowing your company to have a business address in some of the most sought after locations in the City of Angels without paying the excessive fee other companies pay to be located there.

How a Virtual Office Works

 CloudVO’s virtual office service allows a small business to have an official Los Angeles Virtual Office at a fraction of the cost of actually renting office space. Rather not test L.A.’s notorious traffic? With a virtual office you can work from home without ever leaving your suburb, but still have a business address in some of the hottest areas in town. Do you need a place for business meetings that isn’t a coffee shop? Would an L.A. business address or phone number give your company important legitimacy? Do you need someone to answer the phone, but don’t want the hassle of employing your own receptionist? CloudVO allows you to package services that will meet your needs, without having to pay for extras.

Services Provided In Los Angeles

CloudVO offers three main services to small businesses looking for 21st Century solutions. First, CloudVO offers business addresses and mail forwarding. This service allows your business to have an address in some of Los Angeles’s premier office spaces (more on this later). Mail sent to your virtual office address is forwarded to wherever you choose. Second, CloudVO provides live answering services for your business. Need an L.A. number but live across the country? CloudVO can provide your business with a local or toll free number. Depending on the options you choose, the calls that come through on your business line can either be directly forwarded to your cell phone or a businesses voicemail. Through CloudVO’s live answering services, do your work in a chill beachside SoCal café while one one of CloudVO’s receptionists takes your calls (answering with the name of your company, of course). If you occasionally need to meet with clients and investors, and prefer not to do it in that beachfront café where you do your work, CloudVO has a solution for that too. Office space and Los Angeles meeting rooms are available to work and meet in on a subscription or rental basis at your business address. With impressive spaces and professional office staff on location to greet your guests, those you meet with won’t suspect you haven’t already made it big.

Los Angeles Locations

Location is everything, and that is what CloudVO specializes in. An exhaustive list of available virtual offices in L.A. can be found here, however, here a few highlights. Ever heard of the Sunset Strip? You clients certainly have. One option for your virtual office is on this iconic street, next to world-class hotels like the Chateau Marmont. Another option is in the award winning MGM Tower in Century City, where your address can be nestled in with established film studios and media companies. Wherever you decide to make your virtual office, CloudVO allows you the freedom to pick the services you need on your path to making it big in Los Angeles.

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