Key To Successful Meetings – Part 2/3: Four Keys to Successful Strategic Meetings

The first part of this series went over the two key types of meetings that an organization uses to create and implement key strategies for growth and meeting goals. Strategic meetings create the “big picture” that will guide your business activities. The team should look for ideas and strategies that will both help define the company’s place … Continue reading “Key To Successful Meetings – Part 2/3: Four Keys to Successful Strategic Meetings”

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How To Name Your Business Badly (Or Not)

Naming your business is one of the most important steps in setting yourself up for success. The name of your business is your customer’s first interaction with you – and they can leave with a bad impression before they’ve even checked out your business if you’re not careful. The moniker you select to represent you … Continue reading “How To Name Your Business Badly (Or Not)”

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Shared Office Space Becomes More Popular

Shared Office Space, or “Coworking,” is on the rise across America! Where five years ago the idea of many different companies sharing the same space to do work was unheard of, today there are more than 500 Coworking Centers in operation. Born out of the desire (and need) to save money, coworking relies on the … Continue reading “Shared Office Space Becomes More Popular”

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3 Things You Shouldn’t Worry About When You Own Your Own Business

Owning your own business means taking the reins in your hands and charting your own course. When you’re the boss you have the freedom to set your own plans and put them into motion. But with that freedom comes a great deal of responsibility. When you’re in charge, you’re in charge whether things are going … Continue reading “3 Things You Shouldn’t Worry About When You Own Your Own Business”

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6 Ways to Use Your Conference Facility

There are many ways to use a flexible office space to your advantage as a small business owner. These fully staffed office spaces are not only more cost effective than a traditional office; they also offer many ways to use their facilities to enhance a business. Here are six ways to use a shared office … Continue reading “6 Ways to Use Your Conference Facility”

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Flexibility Counts! A Virtual Office Boosts Productivity and Worker Satisfaction

Workplace satisfaction didn’t used to be an important issue a half century ago – but today’s workers expect more from their workplaces. After all, people spend more hours at their offices than in their own homes. With the hiring market more competitive for top qualified candidates, employers are looking for ways to attract and keep … Continue reading “Flexibility Counts! A Virtual Office Boosts Productivity and Worker Satisfaction”

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Need Office Collaboration Software? Here’s How to Choose

Office collaboration software facilitates remote workers across the country and around the globe working together productively. Rather than exchange a series of emails or trying to get a conference call together, your company can use office collaboration software to increase productivity and simplify communications.

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Cloud Virtual Offices is Now CloudVO

Palo Alto, CA – Dec 21, 2011 – Cloud Virtual Offices, the company dedicated to delivering Workplace-as-a-Service ™ to mobile workers, announced today it rebranded its main division to CloudVO and launched a new website. CloudVO gives mobile workers access to virtual offices and touchdown workspaces at hundreds of prime office locations throughout North America. … Continue reading “Cloud Virtual Offices is Now CloudVO”

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