Warming Up to the Officeless Office

As companies seek to cut costs and accommodate an increasingly mobile workforce, some employees have had to say goodbye to their personal work areas. Unassigned workspaces, sometimes called “free address” or “nonterritorial offices,” have long been a fact of life for consultants or employees who do their jobs mostly on the road or from home. … Continue reading “Warming Up to the Officeless Office”

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Publicity: Get a Boost With These 5 Simple Steps

Getting publicity can do a great number of things for your small business run from your virtual office. When coupled with an advertising strategy, you can effectively put your small business on the map. Publicity can blast you past your competitors and brand your business for success. Best of all, most promotional strategies are completely … Continue reading “Publicity: Get a Boost With These 5 Simple Steps”

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Communication Counts – How a Virtual Office Can Save your Mobile Business

Whether you’re a salesman on the road, a traveling consultant, or run another type of mobile business, you know the challenges of staying in touch with your clients, building your business and maintaining your sanity! Even with the wide variety of communication options available, it can still be a challenge to hold it all together. … Continue reading “Communication Counts – How a Virtual Office Can Save your Mobile Business”

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Key To Succcessful Meetings – Part 3/3: Four Checkpoints for a Well Run Operations Meeting

Operations meetings are critical for the successful growth of any organization. Just as cars need regular tune ups, your business needs regularly operations meetings. These meetings keep the entire team on the same page and lets the team implement actionable items that follow your big picture ideas.. Read Part 1 Read Part 2

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Your First Impression Counts! Three Ways to Get It Right the First Time

Small business owners must make the most of what limited resources they have. When building a business from the ground up, certain sacrifices must be made for your budget. As a business owner you’ll be making important choices of how much you can reasonably spend on your operating costs and where that money will be … Continue reading “Your First Impression Counts! Three Ways to Get It Right the First Time”

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Short-Term Office Needs? Go Virtual Instead!

Millions of Americans now run businesses from home, but some of them need more than what their home offices can provide. There are many ways to make a home office work well for a small business, but there are also many ways that a home can come up short for a small enterprise. With a  … Continue reading “Short-Term Office Needs? Go Virtual Instead!”

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Key To Successful Meetings – Part 2/3: Four Keys to Successful Strategic Meetings

The first part of this series went over the two key types of meetings that an organization uses to create and implement key strategies for growth and meeting goals. Strategic meetings create the “big picture” that will guide your business activities. The team should look for ideas and strategies that will both help define the company’s place … Continue reading “Key To Successful Meetings – Part 2/3: Four Keys to Successful Strategic Meetings”

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How To Name Your Business Badly (Or Not)

Naming your business is one of the most important steps in setting yourself up for success. The name of your business is your customer’s first interaction with you – and they can leave with a bad impression before they’ve even checked out your business if you’re not careful. The moniker you select to represent you … Continue reading “How To Name Your Business Badly (Or Not)”

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