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How Operators can maximize the value of the CloudTouchdown Network Series: Part 1

CloudVO Global Network

CloudVO Global Network

Competing with Regus on your own turf!

Of the perks to partnering with CloudVO, one of the best is automatically becoming a member of the developing CloudTouchdown network. If you are wondering what the CloudTouchdown network is, well, you are about to find out! Our network of nearly 1,000 flexible office space providers gives our partners the ability to compete with Regus on their own turf!

Regus rolled out the Businessworld card a few years ago, giving workers the mobility to utilize services from most Regus locations worldwide. The Businessworld program, we estimate, equates to earnings of $100 million per year. Today, more workers have the freedom to work from where they wish, than ever before, and Regus has capitalized on this trend. Regus has been the only one in the game, providing this service to mobile workers, making it quite easy to be the top dog. Since they rolled this out, many independent workspace providers have lost business as a result and a regional provider simply doesn’t have the global reach in order to offer comparable opportunity. However, now, being a member of the CloudTouchdown network, we can assist our partners by offering a competitive solution against the only other player in the game.

Partners with CloudVO can, if they wish, utilize our CloudTouchdown tri-fold brochure, locally branded to each of their locations. This allows smaller office space providers the opportunity to present a global reach, through the CloudTouchdown network. Joining the network is FREE and you will be provided with this collateral for FREE. Our CloudTouchdown card services and collateral are designed to make the comparison with Regus products easy. However, our products are slightly less expensive and certainly more flexible.

Stay tuned for future discussions on how any workspace provider can maximizing the value of a global network, through your CloudTouchdown network!

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