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Office Space as a Destination of Choice for WFH Professionals

Office Space as a Destination of Choice for WFH Professionals | CloudVO

The state of work has changed.  Prior to Covid, the workplace was already changing and evolving towards more flexible work schedules that relied on technology tools to foster collaboration.  Now that we’ve seen what remote work looks like on a massive scale, companies are rolling out ways where teams can achieve success on a hybrid work schedule where employees split their time between the office and working from home. As teams are more distributed, office access will need to be everywhere and anywhere. 

Work From Anywhere

It used to be that where you worked was decided at the very top level, but expectations have changed and professionals want the flexibility to work when they want, where they want.  Flexible office spaces allow users as an alternative to working from home. CloudTouchdown is designed to provide work-from-home (WFH) professionals the ability to check into a part-time office at a flexible location close to home with a subscription plan.  In that sense, a CloudTouchdown Pass is an extension of WFH with a network of close to 1,000 locations widely distributed across large cities and suburban areas.

CloudTouchdown Passes have a fixed monthly cost, making it easy for budgeting purposes. Access to a part-time office is through a given number of hours (or credits) to keep the price of the service low. Sponsoring companies are sensitive to the cost savings, and users like the idea of a booking an office they can access real-time, as well as the convenience of being able to work at different locations depending on their travel schedule.  

CloudTouchdown Passes for Work From Home Employees | CloudVO

The Dynamic Workplace

Since people are choosing where they want to work, today’s office needs to draw people in.  Users want the ability to be able to work alone and with others simultaneously.   In fact, a big component of a hybrid work schedule includes workspace solutions that cater to face-to-face collaboration amongst remote teams.  CloudTouchdown pass holders can access meeting rooms when in-person connections are needed and leverage amenities such as electronic whiteboards and professional video conferencing technology such as Zoom Rooms.  

Flexible Office Space Operators and Meeting Rooms Post Pandemic | CloudVO

In addition to accessing conference room facilities, CloudTouchdown Pass holders can rest assured the flexible office space providers affiliated with CloudVO are carefully vetted for their professionalism, amenities, customer reviews, and Health & Safety protocols.

As teams and individuals settle into a hybrid work routine, the pressure is on for more flexible workplace alternatives.  We believe the concept of the CloudTouchdown Pass, specifically designed to supplement WFH, is a dynamic solution that users can incorporate into the new way of working.

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