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Nail Coworking Space Tours by Identifying These Key Personalities

Nail Coworking Space Tours by Identifying These Key Personalities | CloudVO

Your coworking space tour is typically the first time a prospect has the chance to see and experience what your flex office space has to offer. There are many ways to prepare for a workspace tour, but one of the keys to success involves the ability to understand different personality types. 

Earlier this year, our sister company Pacific Workplaces had an internal training led by Adam Zeno, our rockstar Community Manager at NextSpace Santa Cruz on four basic personality types and how we can use this knowledge to clue into the specific needs of a tourer, thus increasing your chances of converting them into a member.

The Four Personality Types

It’s important to note that the particular personality matrix we are referring to is just one of several personality models. Most of us are familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in which people are identified as having one of 16 personality types. The general 4-quadrant matrix was developed for simplicity and is regularly used to understand different communication styles. The matrix has been adapted over the years and changed by different people, but the general themes are similar. If you want to dive deeper about personality types, check out this article which talks about the theory behind personality models. Also keep in mind that there is no ‘best personality’ type. It’s not a competition. People come from all quadrants of the matrix and many are a combination of the different quadrants.

The Controller

The Controller is goal-oriented and knows what they want. This personality is a mover and shaker who reflects a very confident persona. This individual wants to save time and always comes across as busy and efficient. When giving a tour to a controller, you want to match their confidence. Don’t come off as unsure or wishy-washy or they won’t trust you. Answer their questions concisely and clearly, avoid too much “small talk” and just get to the best features of your space and how it will benefit them.  Pro tip: Don’t forget to make eye contact. 

The Supporter 

In contrast to the controller, the supporter is cause-oriented. They are not as concerned with results, but are interested in creating meaningful relationships and making sure those around them feel acknowledged and accepted. They rely on their ability to please others (perhaps to a fault), and excel at anything that involves being of service and teaching of others.

A good clue that your tourer is a supporter is if most of their questions are about the people in your space, and not necessarily what kind of work they do, but what the vibe is like amongst members. When communicating with a supporter, make sure to acknowledge them on a more personable level. Avoid going down a checklist of benefits your space offers in an efficient manner – save that tour for the controller. Instead, talk up the culture of your space. Explain what makes your members unique and give examples on what you do to create meaningful connections.

Coworking Space Tours Personality Matrix | CloudVO
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The Promoter

“The life of the party” is a great way to think of the promoter. This person is energetic, fun, exhibits great social skills, and has no problem being the center of attention. They like to win people over with their charm and personality and tend to measure success by the reactions and feedback from others.

If you sense your prospect has the energy of a promoter, the key is to not only match their passion and excitement, but encourage it. For instance, talk up your events and suggest how they might help promote member activities, or even be a speaker or master of ceremonies for a future lunch and learn or panel discussion.  Essentially, the best way to connect with a promoter is to show them how their personality can shine in your coworking community.

The Analyzer

“The analyzer is someone who comes off a bit more structured and wants to consider all factors before making a decision about something. This persona excels at research, data analysis, and tends to relate to others around information.

If you sense your tourer is an analyzer, it’s important to be as detailed as possible about the services you offer and be prepared to answer more questions than usual. This is a great time to show off your positive customer reviews. Remember, the analyzer relies on data when it comes to decision making. Don’t expect them to sign-up on the spot. They may even need to come in for a second tour to gather more information. However, if you recognize them as an analyzer, you will know not to corner or pressure them. To work with an analyzer, simply bring the facts and allow them time to make a decision.

Hopefully providing examples of these 4 key personality types can help you connect with potential members during tours. Which type(s) do you associate with members in your community? What type are you? If you want to delve deeper into this topic, The School of Greatness podcast offers an episode on How To Influence and Inspire People by Mastering the Personality Matrix that’s a great listen if you want to learn more.

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