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Meeting Room White Paper 2021

CloudVO Meeting Room White Paper 2021 Hourly Prices per Room Size

The CloudVO 2021 Meeting Room White Paper is here! We’ve conducted this survey since 2015 and are excited to make this most recent version available to you. This survey analyzes Day Office and Meeting Room pricing, utilization rates, and revenue. It is a high-level summary of considerable data and analyses collected and performed in Q2/Q3 2021. A more comprehensive analysis is made available for free so workspace operators can drill down on a specific region of operation, and use this collection of data to set-up more effective meeting room strategies.

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We collected hourly prices from over 4,500 day offices and meeting rooms in 1,600+ locations across the United States, available for booking online directly from the providers’ own websites or via resellers like CloudVO, Liquidspace, and Davinci. We mined the data to draw comparisons across regions and providers, between resellers and original providers, and of course a comparison between CloudVO partners and Regus in each region. In this public version, we are sharing data aggregated on a US-wide basis that highlight different strategies across providers and should raise many good questions in the operator’s mind. We also share meeting room utilization metrics from our sister company Pacific Workplaces.

CloudVO Meeting Room White Paper 2021 Hourly Prices per Room Size

CloudVO Meeting Room White Paper 2021 Average Number of Rooms per Location

The meeting room business is a substantial source of revenue for flexible office space operators, with expected revenue significantly higher than alternative uses, such as full-time offices or coworking space. This analysis gives a sense of the potential for revenue per type of room and per square foot. It also shares statistics on observed retail hourly prices for various room sizes.

The survey does not include data from hotels or conference centers that have a different value proposition and typically charge higher rates.

We believe this survey paints an accurate picture of the meeting room business provided by the Flex Office Space industry in the U.S.

To learn more about meeting rooms and how to run a healthy flexible office space business, please check out our Resource Center for Workspace Providers.

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