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Meeting Room White Paper 2015

Expected Monthly Revenue Average

Update: 2021 Meeting Room White Paper is now available.

Pacific Workplaces Meeting Room Utilization

This white paper explores the industry averages of meeting room sizes, prices, utilization, and expected monthly revenue. This microeconomic analysis of Day Office and Meeting Room pricing, utilization rates, and revenue was done by mining the CloudVO database of published prices and actual bookings, and by using data shared by Pacific Workplaces in a case study.

Meeting Room and Day Office Usage | Data by CloudVO

The Meeting Room business is a substantial source of revenue for shared office space operators, with expected revenue significantly higher than alternative use, such as full-time offices or coworking space. This analysis aimed at giving a sense of the potential for revenue per type of room, and per square foot. It also shares statistics on observed retail hourly prices for different kinds of rooms.

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