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Maximizing the Value of the CloudTouchdown Network: Part 2

How to Select a Virtual Office Location | CloudVO

How to Select a Virtual Office Location | CloudVO

The number of mobile workers is on the rise, expected to reach 1.3 Billion by 2015. They need access to touchdown locations wherever their business travel drives them, and it is essential that you are able to provide this capability to remain competitive. Affiliation with the CloudTouchdown network will ensure you aren’t left in dust.

One similarity each and every independent workspace provider has in common is fighting Regus. With their reach all throughout the world, striving to compete with Regus can put a burden on any single or even multiple center operator. Businesworld, the Regus network access membership cards, has been a very effective marketing tool for attracting customers away from independent workspace provider locations. Until now! The CloudTouchdown network access cards have stopped the hemorrhage and are now reversing the trend. CloudTouchdown partners can download and use free marketing collateral to let their local market place know that they do provide a local service with a global reach, and explain with strength and conviction that their global network is second to none.

Indeed, independent workspace providers are in a better position to service mobile workers and teleworkers globally, because as a group:

  • We provide more diversity in the type and quality of professional workspaces than Regus
  • We typically deliver higher quality of service and higher customer satisfaction than Regus
  • Regus has used their once dominant market position to get away with poor products and abusive pricing. Corporate accounts are asking us for a better alternative to Regus’ Businessworld. CloudTouchdown ™ is the answer.

As we mentioned in Part 1 of our series on how to Maximize the Value of your CloudTouchdown network, being a valued partner of our network makes you a local provider with a global reach; allowing you to compete and with Regus on your town turf…and win!

We have CloudTouchdown collateral that can be customized to to display your own brand and center name. Our CloudTouchdown tri-fold brochure is is available to all of our partners for use, and the process to get this valuable piece of marketing collateral is easy.  Partner with us and list your space for free.

You can market this to your current clients and any future clients that sign with your center by using our CloudTouchdown tri-fold brochures to show your network of nearly 1,000 locations. Our network gives your clients access to meeting rooms and touchdown space all around the globe!

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