Marketing Your Business With Video: YouTube or Vipe?

Video marketing is increasingly difficult to ignore these days, and with the results seen by many small business owners, you don’t want to ignore it! Video is one of the best ways to gain attention, engage your market and make an impact online. Using video to market your small business is a smart move for business owners. However, selecting the right video delivery service is another matter entirely.

When many people think of video marketing they immediately think of YouTube. As popular as it is, it isn’t always appropriate in a business setting. Vipe ( is an alternative to YouTube that is designed specifically for business.

There’s no doubt that YouTube is an efficient platform for distributing general interest videos, but it’s another matter entirely when it comes to distributing videos for a business. If you want to embed marketing videos into your website, or if you’re sending your email list members a link to a video, there are a few major drawbacks to using YouTube exclusively.

Distracted Viewers

One of the helpful features of YouTube may actually cause problems for your business videos. After your video plays, YouTube will populate a list of related videos for the viewer to look through. While this might be great if they were looking for new clips or how-to videos, it’s not what you want after a sales video. YouTube could display your competitor’s video, or something that grabs your customer’s attention away from your presentation. This isn’t good for your views and it isn’t good for your conversion rate – which brings us to our next point…

No Ability to Track Viewer Actions

Video marketing doesn’t serve a purpose unless your viewers take a “next step” – whether it’s visiting a website or filling out a form. With YouTube, you have the ability to annotate your video to facilitate this next step. However, you can’t track how many people click on the link. Without being able to track clicks, you can’t know how effective your videos are and you won’t be able to follow through effectively.

Access to Important Clients

This last disadvantage isn’t within YouTube’s control, but it is a drawback to using their site for your business videos. Let’s say that you are a B2B company and want to use marketing videos to approach decision makers. Since YouTube is often used for distraction in the work place, most companies block it along with other social sites. No matter how engaging your videos are, they won’t reach these customers.

Instead of relying on YouTube entirely for your video marketing strategy, it should be seen as one channel of distribution. To send videos professionally and securely for your business, Vipe video marketing is a better solution. Vipe allows you to customize your related videos so you can control what viewers see next – for example, a video introduction from your salesman could be followed by a video tour of your product. Vipe also makes it easy to embed videos on your website, or share them on social networking platforms. Most importantly, you can track video views to see how effective the videos are.

Although YouTube will always be a good source for video distribution, when it comes to sending your prospects videos you should seek out a more streamlined and professional video service like Vipe.


Courtney Ramirez
Research Analyst, Cloud Virtual Office
Courtney’s research focuses on tracking emerging business trends and best practices – with an emphasis on how they affect business operations, technology, and virtual office infrastructure.