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Marketing Your Business With Video

Video Marketing Best Practices | CloudVO

Video Marketing Best Practices | CloudVO

Leveraging video as part of your marketing strategy is increasingly difficult to ignore these days, and with the results seen by many small business owners, you don’t want to ignore it! Video is one of the best ways to gain attention, engage your market and make an impact online.

There’s no doubt that YouTube is an efficient platform for distributing general interest videos, but it’s another matter entirely when it comes to distributing videos for a business. If you want to embed marketing videos into your website, or if you’re sending your email list a link to a video, there are a few things to consider.

Length of Videos

Humans have a very short attention span, so make sure your videos are short and sweet.  You only have the first few seconds in the very beginning of any video to keep your viewers interested in watching further, so make sure your content is captivating from the start!

Track Viewer Actions

Video marketing doesn’t serve a purpose unless your viewers take a “next step” – whether it’s visiting a website or filling out a form. With YouTube, you have the ability to annotate your video to facilitate this next step.


Make sure your video content is relevant and isn’t too salesy.  Video marketing is about showing your business as the authority in your industry and gaining a following through helpful content.  People don’t want to watch a sales pitch during every interaction they have on your channel.  Also, make sure your video is good quality.  Poor audio and lighting are surefire ways to make your business look unprofessional and viewers will undoubtedly move on to another video.

Using video to market your small business is a smart move for business owners. However, its important to know some basic video marketing best practices so that your brand projects well to video viewers.

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