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International Coworking Day Celebration Ideas – Even in a Pandemic

International Coworking Day 2020 Virtual Events
International Coworking Day 2020 Virtual Events

In keeping with physical distancing measures and helping our government combat Covid-19, many flexible workspace operators and CloudVO Partners are coming up with creative ways to celebrate International Coworking Day on August 9, 2020.  

With everything going on in the world right now, acknowledging the meaning behind special occasions is so important.  Here are a few ways coworking space operators can celebrate International Coworking Day during this time of Covid.

Physically Distant Contests or Virtual Events 

  • Plan a “What Does Coworking Mean to You?” Virtual Session.  Ask members to come prepared to share a poem, song, music, story, or just a few words which express how coworking has impacted them.

  • Host a spirit week.  Each day has a theme (i.e. pajama day, or rock your best tie-dye gear day, etc.)  The event can be in honor of International Coworking Day.  This is a way members can show off their personalities while still keeping socially distant. 
  • Photo contests with a theme.  For instance, take a photo that represents what International Coworking Day means to you and share on whatever platform your space uses for member enagement and communication.

Outdoor Events

  • Get your members to bring their PPE equipment and head to a park for a physically distanced physical education session.

  • If you have access to a courtyard or any kind of yard space, host an outdoor coworking session for just a couple of hours.  People can bring their own lawn chairs if they wish.  This could be a good way for members who are not ready to come back to indoor space to engage with some of their fellow coworkers.

  • Depending on restrictions in your area, host an outdoor and physically-distant gathering at a local restaurant, pub or brewery that has a large enough outside seating area so folks can spread out. This is a way you can support local businesses as well. (Pro tip: Encourage mask wearing for all your outdoor events to ensure safety for all).

Participate in events that others are organizing

  • This year also marks 15 years of coworking!  As part of a group effort for this year’s anniversary, you can participate in this Coworking Day Global Collective.  This is a fantastic way to showcase your space within the global community.
International Coworking Day 2020 Fifteen Year Anniversary
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  • See if your city or town has a Coworking Alliance hosting any virtual events and sign-up to attend.  Don’t forget to spread the word to your members.

  • Engage on social media and show your support for what other fellow coworking space operators are doing for International Coworking Day.  Post comments, like and share posts, and participate in any fun activities you find on these social platforms.

What out of the box ideas do you have to commemorate International Coworking Day amidst this time of physical distancing?  We would love to hear from you.

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