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Instagram Stories: A Guide for Coworking Operators

IG Stories Resource | CloudVO

500 million people use Instagram Stories daily making it a powerful tool for businesses. For coworking space operators, it not only humanizes your brand, but is a great way to bring new audiences to your space and create authentic connections with your followers.

On February 19, 2020, Coworking Content founder Cat Johnson and CloudVO Marketing Director Karina Patel co-hosted an Introduction to Instagram Stories Training for Coworking Operators. The training answered the ABC’s and 123’s on how to start using Instagram Stories, along with how to leverage specific tools to create in-the-moment content about your space. Stories is all about off-the-cuff videos, images and fun polls to level-up your social media marketing game.

One huge takeaway from the training was to ensure coworking space operators new what to post on Instagram Stories versus content that’s better suited to your Instagram Feed. To help, we’ve put together a simple infographic to use as a resource which highlights the differences between the main feed and Stories.

IG Stories Resource | CloudVO

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