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Instagram Collab Feature to Level-Up Your Coworking Social Strategy

Instagram Collab for Coworking Space Social Strategy | CloudVO

Collaboration (aka ‘Collab’), is such a buzzword, but perhaps for good reason. Time and again we see great outcomes when people come together to share perspectives and ideas, so why should social media be any different? Enter Instagram Collabs that allows you to invite other creators and businesses to co-author posts and reels.  

Instagram Collab for Flexible Office Space Operators

Instagram’s Collab feature allows you to cross-promote your space and gain more exposure. Similar to tagging someone in a photo, you can collab with up to 20 authors/creators and the content is shared on both profiles allowing the collaborators to share likes, views, and comments. Followers from both profiles can engage with the same post which is a great opportunity to expand your target audience.  

Who should you collab with?

To make the most of your collab on Instagram (IG), it’s important to be strategic about who you invite as a collaborator. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Choose a brand that aligns with your coworking space values or your specific niche
  • Do your research to ensure the brand/influencer you wish to collab with has a good reputation in either the coworking industry or your local community
  • Make sure the content shared is agreed upon and will be mutually beneficial to both brands (i.e. content should always be relevant and unique)
  • What do you wish to achieve with this collaboration? Are you hoping to gain new followers, or do you want to see an increase in engagement?  Figure out what you are trying to accomplish with the collab beforehand so you can measure success 

How to create an Instagram Collab joint post

  • First, make sure your IG app is updated so you have the most recent version
  • Hit the “+” sign as if you were creating a new post. Pro tip: the collab feature only works for posts and reels and can only be used for new posts. You can’t go back to an old post and invite a collaborator 
  • Choose the content you wish to use for the post (i.e image or video), select ‘Next or the arrow icon’
  • Enter a caption, then select ‘Tag People’
  • Tap ‘Invite Collaborator’
  • Search for the profile of the brand you wish to collab with and tap on their profile, then select ‘Done or checkmark’ icon
  • Preview your post once more and then tap ‘Share’ to publish your post. Your collaborator should receive a message to accept or decline the post. If they accept, the content will appear on their profile as well
Instagram Collab Feature Content for Coworking Space Operators | CloudVO
photo credit: @catjohnsonco
Instagram Collab Feature Content ideas for Coworking Space Operators | CloudVO

Instagram Collab campaign ideas for flex office operators

If you decide to give IG Collabs a try, here are a few ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing:

  • Influencer campaigns: If you have an individual that aligns with your values and your target audience, you can approach them with a collab idea where they promote your coworking space and you offer a commission on each referral
  • Run a challenge post together: People love challenges on IG! Brainstorm with your collaborator on a fun and interactive challenge that you can announce together. Make sure to agree upon the rules/restrictions/prizes, etc. Pro tip: Don’t forget to create a specific hashtag just for the challenge
  • Announcing a new space: Collabs are great for coworking spaces with multiple locations. You can set-up a collab campaign with an existing location to spread the word about the grand opening of your new space
  • Promos and giveaways: You can partner with a local business to create a special offer that gets people into your space and spreads the word about a particular product, service, or resource that is mutually beneficial to all
Social Media Video Reels for Flexible Office Space Operators | CloudVO

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do with IG Collabs and the best part is that it’s a relatively easy way to maximize your social media presence with little additional effort.  We hope this resource has offered some ideas to help you get started.

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