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The Real Purpose of Your Coworking Day Pass

Coworking Day Passes to generate leads | CloudVO

As a coworking space operator, you’d rather have someone become a member than buy a day pass. But, from the perspective of a potential member, a day pass is an easy way to retain flexibility and test drive a space before deciding on the right one.

That’s a good thing. When someone works in your space for a day, you have an opportunity to impress them, showcase your space and community, and move them further down your sales funnel toward potentially becoming a member.

How to Use Coworking Day Passes to Generate Leads

Coworking Day Passes are one of the most powerful lead generation tools you have. Yes, they can generate some revenue, but if you’re thinking of day passes primarily as a revenue stream, you’re missing out on their most valuable aspect which is that day passes are one of the strongest tools you have to attract leads and drive membership. Here are some tips on how to maximize the impact of your coworking day passes.

Make it easy to purchase a day pass

Don’t overcharge for day passes because you’re not doing it to make money—you’re using it as lead generation. You want people to come back. When members of your space bring in guests, and if they stay for longer than a meeting, they should purchase a day pass. Make it easy for your members to inexpensively secure guest day passes for visitors.

Leverage channels

Leverage channel partners, such as CloudVO, to sell day passes. This way, you make it easy for people to purchase a day pass online, you expose people to your brand, and you can attract people from outside of the area. Once someone has purchased a pass, they’re already invested in your space.

Sell monthly day pass subscriptions

Selling a single day pass is fine, but then you only see the person once, and maybe for only a few hours. A day pass subscription that renews each month is a better way to bring people into the space and community. The day pass holder gets more interaction with the community and sees that the vibe in the space can be different depending on the day and time. They can attend different events and experience the natural ebb and flow of energy in the space.

Day pass subscriptions, such as the Pacific Workplaces 3-Day Monthly Pass option, let people who may not be ready for full-time membership get a toe in the water and experience coworking in a meaningful way.

Using Day Passes to Generate Leads Pacific Workplaces Coworking Membership Plans

Move people from day pass users to subscribers

As mentioned above, a membership subscription is more valuable to both the space operator and the customer than one-off day passes. They get a better value and the space gets recurring income. Once someone is a subscriber, you can move them to full membership when the time is right because they’re already in the space and a member of the community.

Price day passes aggressively

Make subscription plans as enticing as possible, whether it’s for day passes or meeting room hours. Subscribers may not use as many days or hours as they think they might each month, so you can sell more hours or space than you have. Think of it like a gym membership. Everyone doesn’t show up at the same time and, while some members go regularly, others retain membership so they can use it when they want or need to.

Strategically give away day passes

Complimentary day passes can be strategically given to people and groups in your target market. This includes freelancers, remote workers, independent professionals, and startups. The idea is to invite people to come in and get a sense of the space, let them experience coworking then, ideally, convert them into a membership package or other products, such as meeting room time or day office rental.

For instance, if someone comes in and doesn’t have enough time for a complete tour of your space, give them an incentive to come back by handing them a day pass. CloudVO partner NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz converts 60 percent of day pass users into members.

Invite day pass users to events

Events in your space can also be powerful lead generators and member magnets. At NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz, the weekly Friday Happy Hour is a lively event that attracts new members, longtime members, potential members and the extended community. This is a great way to introduce leads to the community and culture of your space. Events also give leads an opportunity to ask more questions about the space and offerings.

Invite coworking day pass users to events | CloudVO

Give day passers a great experience

When a day passer is using your space, make them a priority. Make sure they know the basics like wifi, coffee, restrooms, etc., but more importantly, make sure they’re meeting people throughout the day so they’re seeing what coworking is, and they’re getting introduced to the community as soon as possible.

You want day pass users to see your space and community as something special, which encourages potential members to join. By the end of the day, if someone likes their environment and has a great experience, they’re going to sign up.

Track day pass users

Make sure you have a way of tracking day pass users so you can more easily convert them to a subscription package or full membership. If a day passer comes in frequently, let them know about membership options that make better financial sense than just purchasing one-off day passes.

Use day passes for donations

Day passes make good donations for local organizations and events. They introduce people to the space and brand without a lot of extra work for you and your coworking space team. Think of the day pass as low impact on you, but high impact out in the world.

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