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How To Manage Customer Reviews for your Flexible Office Space

Importance of Customer Reviews for Flexible Office Space Operators | CloudVO

Customer Reviews Matter

Online customer reviews serve as social proof and shape how people perceive your flexible office space brand. CloudVO actively monitors your customer satisfaction performance with our own customer surveys using Trustpilot, but also by collecting and publishing customer ratings collected by Yelp and especially Google.

Watch the short video from Amanda Leffew, our Director of Operations, for ideas on how to collect online reviews and manage your customer ratings.

Proactively Collect Reviews

First and foremost, offer a great experience to your members. At the core, you must be customer service oriented. If you provide poor quality of service, you won’t get good reviews – you can’t fake it. So what makes for good quality of service? It’s not the purpose of this video, but you know it: Listen to your customers, be transparent, provide great amenities, and train your staff to go above and beyond the “scope of duty.” Next, ASK for reviews. You need the whole world to know you provide great QoS. 72% of consumers will leave a review when they’re asked. Have a system of reaching out to members via email or text asking for feedback with direct links to your Google and Yelp pages. If there was a member that you went the extra mile for one day, use an iPad to pull up your review platform and make it easy for them to provide feedback about their experience. Also, don’t forget to have your “Review Us” Yelp and Google stickers somewhere visible in your space as a reminder to guests and members. Check out our recent resource on how reviews can greatly benefit the optimization of your Google Business Profile.

Use a 3rd party consumer review tool like Trustpilot, Yotpo, or Podium. These platforms allow you to automate the review collection process for online purchases. You can set-up automated emails to customers who purchased something from your site and ask for their feedback. Trustpilot users can add rich snippet widgets to their webpages, so you can show-off your reviews on your website. You can also leverage your reviews into social media content, with a built-in image generator feature that easily turns your best reviews into attention-grabbing assets for every social channel.

Now that you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to collecting reviews, don’t forget to respond to reviews in a timely manner. Type out a public reply to every positive reviewer and thank them for sharing their feedback. Negative reviews should also be responded to quickly. We recommend you address their concerns and always try to “make it right” for the customer. If more conversation is needed, offer to contact the reviewer offline so you can address their issue further. And, if you’re able to make things right, don’t be afraid to ask for a second chance. Invite them to come back to your space and use this as an opportunity to deliver a positive experience and change the conversation. And who knows?…the customer may just modify their review to reflect how their situation was dealt with in a positive way.

We hope these tips can help you create a process that not only increases your overall number of reviews, but encourages positive customer feedback. For more insights like this specifically for flex workspace operators, check out our Resource Center at

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