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How To Handle Companies Using Your Business Address Without Paying for It: Tips for Coworking Operators

San Francisco Business Address | Pacific Workplaces | CloudVO
San Francisco Business Address | Pacific Workplaces | CloudVO

As a flexible office space operator, business address and mail services are a huge part of your offering. Your members and clients pay to use your physical and professional business address on their website, marketing collateral, local listings, and business cards. But how do you handle former clients, or members who utilize your business address that are not paying for the service?

Our sister company, Pacific Workplaces, with 17 flexible office space locations in California and Nevada, offers this resource on how to reach out to someone using your business address without paying for it.

Please fill out your information below to download the ‘Cease and Desist Utilizing our Business Adddress’ letter as an example on how to manage this issue. There are two letter templates provided. The first is a a simple email asking them to stop claiming your address and offering to sign them up for a virtual office plan which includes mail services. If that is unsuccessful, see sample letter #2 reflecting a stronger Cease and Desist letter as a follow-up demand.

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