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How to Add Phone Answering to your Virtual Office Offerings

How to add Phone Answering to Virtual Office Plans | CloudVO

The easiest Virtual Office (VO) service to add to a mail service or virtual mail offering is live phone answering. This can be done on an outsourced basis with CloudAnswering, a CloudVO service, such that the operator does not need to staff a phone answering attendant.

How to add Phone Answering to Virtual Office Plans | CloudVO

Who needs live phone answering?

Whereas many professionals are happy to answer calls directly on their cell phone, some look at live answering as a critical service that increases their productivity. This is true for many attorneys, sales professionals, consultants, financial service people, and many more. 

Live phone answering is a way to establish a local business presence that is stronger than just using the business address and mail services at the flexible office space. It allows for:

  • Never losing a call during business hours
  • An attorney or a customer support person to have a few critical seconds to recollect a case when the call is announced and before it is transferred.
  • The use of a local phone number to reinforce the local presence on top of the business address

Setting up a client on phone answering is easy

Once the client is identified, let know and we will take care of everything on your behalf directly with the client. The table below shows our recommended retail price to the client, and the operator wholesale cost. The margins kept by the operator is in the 75% to 80% range.

Live Phone Answering Suggested Pricing | CloudVO

Standard services is a bare-bones answering service for the cost-conscious customer. Our attendants, located in our two answering centers in Sacramento, CA, and in Reno, NV, will answer the calls using the customized greeting requested by the client. For example, “Hello, you have reached the Law Offices of Jason Smith, this is Sally, how may I help you?” If the caller wants to talk to Jason Smith, the attendant will make a blind transfer to voicemail or to a specific number, as requested by the client, without announcing the call.

With Executive Services, the attendant will screen and announce the call to the VO client and transfer the call, or not, according to the client’s instruction.

Check our website for more details on outsourced phone answering services with CloudVO. This service can be offered to VO clients but also to your full time members.

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