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How to Add Meeting Room Hours to your Virtual Office Offering

Adding Meeting Room Hours to Virtual Office Plans | CloudVO

Adding a set of monthly hours under a subscription plan to your Virtual Office (VO) Solutions is a good idea. You can market such a plan locally without CloudVO’s help. Under a subscription program hours not utilized cannot be carried forward to the following month. This enables you to price your bundles attractively in your local market.

Adding Meeting Room Hours to Virtual Office Plans | CloudVO

A common meeting room package is a bundle of 16 hours/month. The table below suggests three levels of pricing, depending on the location and prestige of the building and space. It also shows an average usage of 3.9 hours consumed per month under a 16-hour/month plan, based on data tracking the usage of hours from thousands of VO plans as experienced by CloudVO and its sister company, Pacific Workplaces.  This average has been steady across time and across regions.

The table below shows suggested prices in different markets and average usage of each plan.

Meeting Rooms Retail Pricing Suggestions for Coworking Operators | CloudVO

Why is the average usage so low? Think of it like a gym membership. Very few plan holders actually use the full allotment of meeting room hours.  In fact, more than 50% use zero hours in any one month. Heavy users who go over their allotment for the month will be charged the full hourly price on the overage. In balance, the light users more than make-up for the heavy users.

You may also ask why a 16-hour package? Because US Postal CMRA rules require that a PMB number be part of the client address, unless the client uses an office available on the premises for at least 16 hours per month. Nowadays, users are less sensitive to using a PMB number on their address, but the 16-hour package has survived as a standard with many flexible office operators, with the added benefit of not having to add a PMB number to the address; which may not match the image your member wants to project of their business.

Can the hours be redeemed in any of your location meeting rooms? That is up to you. Some operators will exclude an expensive large boardroom with a view, or a training room, from such a meeting room plan. 

In CloudVO’s case, we market bundles of 20 or 50 credits via our CloudTouchdown Passes to our clients. A credit is typically one hour of a day office. Larger meeting rooms will command more credits per hour. Most of the CloudTouchdown passes we sell let them access any location in the network, or sometimes multiple locations in a particular region. Should they actually book a room via at your location, we pay you the discounted price you listed on the partner portal on the basis of actual hourly usage. That way, you don’t have to worry whether our clients are light or heavy users of your conference rooms. If they use 6 hours of your conference room under a CloudTouchdown plan, we will pay you the wholesale hourly price you indicated in the partner portal for the 6 hours.

Adding Meeting Room Hours to Virtual Office Plans CloudTouchdown Passes

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