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Heard at GCUC Last Week

Our Team of Experts at GCUC
Our Team of Experts at GCUC
Our Team of Experts at GCUC

Last week, our CloudVO Team of Experts attended GCUC in L.A. There were several discussions about building a stronger community and brand. Our Team of Experts provide answers to two popular questions heard at GCUC.

Are smaller meeting rooms better?
Is that wise to monetize meeting rooms?
The questions came up multiple times.  Is it better to have a large training room or use the space with several smaller size meeting rooms?  What’s the optimum ratio between open collaborative space and private meeting rooms?  There was much debate on these questions, which we have tackled in a recent meeting room business white paper you can find on CloudVO’s Resource Center for shared workspace operators.

How to develop new line of services?
Another question that came up several times was “How can I be helpful to my community and generate more revenue?”. One area that was not discussed much, but we want to bring to everyone’s attention, is live phone answering services. This is particularly helpful if your members would benefit from call screening or need to establish a strong business identity. Many attorneys and consultants have that need, however so do start-ups faced with a high volume of customer or investor calls. Find out how CloudVO can help with our outsourced CloudAnswering Services.

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