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GWA Webinar: Managing Your Channels

Webinar - Managing Your Channels

This webinar will explore how to effectively manage the opportunities -and the threats- presented by new breed and old breed of Channel partners, including:

  • Market Place Providers
  • Resellers
  • Network Promoters
  • Web brokers

The landscape of channel partners has changed dramatically, reflective of the explosion of demand for on-demand offices, coworking, meeting rooms, virtual offices, and other forms of on-demand workspaces. This has resulted in expanding marketing opportunities for local Workspace-as-a-Service ™ operators to reach new types of users, such as mobile workers and corporate accounts, or simply to expand their reach in their local markets.

On the other hand, the issues of retaining control, and of creating one’s own competition, for example in local Search Engine Management, are real. As the service industry is still searching for standards, the business models of service providers seem to fluctuate widely. How can Workspace-as-a-Service ™ operators make sense of these choices? How can they quantify the value they get from channels? What kind of business models make sense (or not)? How do they retain control of the process? What kind of partners make sense to align with, given the operator unique situation, resources, and goals?

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