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Free Webinar: Dissecting Regus Businessworld!

How can Independent Workspace Providers compete against Regus’ most successful service?

Hosted by:

Laurent Dhollande
CEO, CloudVO
Keith Warner
Managing Partner,
Pacific Business Centers
Andrea Pirrotti
CMO, WUN Systems
Former VP of Marketing,


Free Webinar
April 23rd, 2014
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT

Limited seating: Priority will be given to CloudVO Partners, Workspace Providers, GWA members, and building owners, in that order.


Is Businessworld the most brilliant marketing move by Regus ever? Businessworld is a program that provides cardholders preferential access to the entire network of Regus’ locations, with over one million cardholders. Businessworld is not only an incredibly successful program but it has been a deadly tool to lure business away from independent Workspace Providers. This free webinar will help Workspace Providers understand what they compete against, help them build appropriate responses in their local marketplaces, and offer methods to leverage Regus’ own PR and marketing efforts to their benefit… in other words, not just level the playing field, but beat Regus at their own game!

We will review:

  • The details of the Regus Businessworld program
  • How Businessworld has become their most valuable service
  • How Regus highlights it in their sales & marketing approach with ALL prospects
  • Why a growing number of office users have chosen Regus over Independents because of Businessworld, whether or not they actually use it
  • What Independent Workspace Providers can do about it to beat Regus at their own game

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