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Flexibility Counts! A Virtual Office Boosts Productivity and Worker Satisfaction

Virtual Office Boosts Productivity and Worker Satisfaction | CloudVO

Virtual Office Boosts Productivity and Worker Satisfaction | CloudVO

Workplace satisfaction didn’t used to be an important issue a half century ago – but today’s workers expect more from their workplaces. After all, people spend more hours at their offices than in their own homes. With the hiring market more competitive for top qualified candidates, employers are looking for ways to attract and keep their employees – so workplace satisfaction becomes an important criteria.

Workplace satisfaction is a measure of employee happiness not only with their job, but also the place in which they complete their job, their payrate, and even corporate culture. But the overall metric of workplace satisfaction has become so important that it’s regularly used as a way to benchmark a company’s success.

Does cubicle life enhance your employee’s
performance? Is the cost necessary?

Creating workplace satisfaction means creating working conditions that appeal to workers, and flexibility is one of the most popular factors that makes up this appeal. The ability to alter schedules and work locations gives an employee the flexibility that they need to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

A recent study published by the Executive Offices Group (EOG) shows that productivity is enhanced when alternate work hours are offered, which can be facilitated by a  virtual office solution. 87% of the respondents in the survey stated that flextime resulted in an increase in the efficiency and output of staff. They noted that it was a key driver of increased service levels and profitability.

The innovative small businesses that were polled for the survey showed that by meeting the needs of the workers, they were able to also meet the needs of customers and the company as a whole. Running a virtual office allows employees to work from home and other locations, which can increase their satisfaction and save them time and money spent commuting. This can directly contribute to a productivity increase.

Virtual offices are available around the country from San Francisco to New York virtual offices. Thanks to high speed Internet and cloud computing solutions, it’s easier than ever to transform your traditional company to a virtual company. Cutting costs on traditional office space and diverting those funds to attract and keep vital employees or other business expenses can be just what a company needs to overcome the effects of the recent financial crunch.

When you combine the cost saving benefits with the worker satisfaction increase (which can boost profits), the situation becomes clear. Virtual office options can not only save your budget but help increase your bottom line.

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