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Dublin City Guide for Coworking Europe Attendees

Let’s get packing for the Coworking Europe Conference in Dublin! Our Dublin City Guide has all the essentials for navigating you to the best restaurants, sights to see, what to pack and which workspaces to visit. Comprised of three parts, this guide highlights everything you need to know to plan a successful, beneficial and fun trip.

Typical weather for Dublin in November is chilly, so packing items like a warm waterproof jacket, umbrella, scarves, and sweaters will serve you well. The famous cobblestoned streets in Dublin are charming, but when it comes to walking them…comfortable shoes will be your best friend. Boots are also highly recommended.

Follow our guide for the most Instagram-worthy sights in Dublin- as you’ll probably want to snap some selfies in this beautiful city. To make sure that you are all charged-up on your electronic devices and can post those pics on social media, remember to bring a travel adapter specific to the U.K. (three prongs).

If planning an extended-stay, the conference will be the perfect predecessor to energize your senses and get you ready to peruse the different coworking spaces in Dublin. We will delve into the logistics of mixing the working worlds of corporations, small businesses, and freelancers into the same coworking space. So, after you’ve learned about coworking in the European economy and have attended coworking cocktail parties- you will be ready to experience first-hand, coworking spaces throughout Dublin.

Coworkinn - Dublin Coworking Spaces
Coworkinn. Coworkinn Photography. Photo: Aidan Oliver
Glandore Clubroom 1 - Dublin Coworking Spaces
Clubroom. Photo: Glandore – Coworking Space Dublin.

Please refer to our city guide for activities and workspaces that will enhance your visit. We have highlighted the official Coworking Europe 2017 tour workspaces, as well as other great options for coworking in Dublin during your extended-stay, such as No.9, Iconic Offices and South Point.

Take the guesswork out of preparing for Dublin- we have done all the work for you.

Download Dublin City Guide

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