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Dublin-bound for Coworking Europe Conference 2017


CloudVO Dublin City Guide - Coworking Europe Conference

Download Dublin City Guide

Next month, Coworking gurus and enthusiasts will convene for the 2017 Coworking Europe Conference at the iconic Croke Park Stadium in Dublin, Ireland. CloudVO is proud to be a sponsor and join to share in a celebration and exploration of the Coworking movement: its transformation of entrepreneurship, innovation, and culture.

Laurent (CEO), Karina (Marketing Director), and Tracy (COO) at the CloudVO booth

For some attendees, this may be a first visit to Dublin, for others, this may be a return. Either way, we know that finding time to plan can get lost in the day-to-day so, to assist our fellow attendees CloudVO (in collaboration with WUN Systems) produced a handy guide for sights, dining, packing, and more. Of course, no guide would be complete without highlighting our Coworking Dublin brethren locations as well as the best spots for Instagram-worthy posts!

Coworking, Coworking, and more Coworking. Enjoy a speech from the Lord Mayor of the City of Dublin, speeches for beginners, Global Coworking Survey data, and more. Our very own Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Pacific Workplaces and CloudVO, will lead a session on taking over a coworking space touching on his experience of Pacific Workplaces and NextSpace acquisition. The conference will also cover Coworking in the European economy, a curated panel featuring co-living, discussions with space operators and marketing experts, and so much more.

Our Dublin City Guide is broken into three parts: the first being “sights, eats, and drinks”. We’ve listed our favorite places to shop, people-watch at a café, grab a pint or a craft cocktail, eat a traditional Irish breakfast, enjoy some live music at a pub, and/or visit historical sites.

Brazen Head Pub - Oldest Pub in Dublin, Ireland

The second part will cover a short packing checklist, transportation information, and other general tips on making your days in Dublin (in lovely November) enjoyable. The third part is for those extending their stay in Dublin, featuring several coworking spaces and fun activities to fill your day. We’ve also included workspaces featured in the tours coordinated by Coworking Europe Conference. Download today and get a head start on your travel plans!

CloudVO Dublin City Guide - Coworking Europe Conference

Download Dublin City Guide

If you have any questions, would like to learn more about the resources CloudVO provides to partners, and/or information about the products by Wun Systems, please contact us at

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