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Commute with our CEO Episode 10: Ubiquitous Work and Car as a Workplace

Episode 10 of Commute with our CEO. Car as a Workplace.

Our tenth episode of the “Commute with our CEO” video series is now live! Laurent shares his perspective on working from your car – part of the ubiquitous work concept that CloudVO was built upon. For example, several business professionals, freelancers, mobile workers, etc. spend a lot of time on the phone. What is really exciting to Laurent is the self-driving car and how they are becoming a part of our everyday lives much faster than we anticipate. Laurent sheds light on the gain of productivity – drafting and sending emails or creating a presentation – basically, we will be facing our laptops while we drive. When compared to the amount the work we avoid right now during our commute, this is a great gain in productivity. The way we use our cars will be redesigned and we will be able to conduct meetings facing each other with four or five people in a car going to a client site. Laurent wraps up the idea that started this company – the workplace was going to be ubiquitous – and that includes a Car-as-a-Workplace.

image of episode title - car as a workplace

Listen in to the Commute with our CEO video series, perhaps during your commute, or while taking a break at your desk, and be sure to send your questions and thoughts to Laurent along the way!

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