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Commute with our CEO Episode 11: How did PAC and CloudVO start?


Episode 11 of the “Commute with our CEO” video series is now live! Laurent explains how Pacific Workplaces and CloudVO started.

It started when Laurent worked for a large Silicon Valley company last century. He realized the workspace that they provided to the thousands of employees was just not adequate. That is what led him to co-found Pacific Workplaces in 2003. The company was created to provide professional space, meeting space, collaborative space; a space for people to cowork and build a work community. However, he also wanted to provide members with access to workspace on-demand wherever they were, which is what led the team to start CloudVO in 2009, providing on-demand workspace and virtual office space. Today, CloudVO offers on-demand workspaces and virtual office spaces at over 600 locations worldwide.

Listen in to the Commute with our CEO video series, perhaps during your commute, or while taking a break at your desk, and be sure to send your questions and thoughts to Laurent along the way!

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About Laurent Dhollande

Laurent Dhollande is the co-founder and CEO of Pacific Workplaces ( and CloudVO ( He has set the agenda in Alternative Workplace for more than 15 years. Pacific Workplaces is a shared office space operator with 16 locations in the West Coast. CloudVO is a provider of on-demand office and meeting room space with a network of 600 locations worldwide. Laurent is a frequent speaker at professional conferences that focus on coworking and other forms of on-demand office space. Prior to his current activities, he held various executive and management positions at Sun Microsystems, Litchfield Advisors, and Hewlett-Packard Company, with responsibilities in Corporate Real Estate, Corporate Development, Operations, Finance, Customer Service, and Marketing. He holds an MBA from the Haas School at UC Berkeley.

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