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5 iPhone Apps that Allow You to Communicate Effortlessly

5 iPhone Apps that Allow You to Communicate Effortlessly | CloudVO

5 iPhone Apps that Allow You to Communicate Effortlessly | CloudVO

If you rely on Skype regularly for communicating on the computer, you’re probably disappointed by the fact that you can’t use all of the functions of Skype on your iPhone through the AT&T 3G network. Using a VOIP app on your phone can save minutes. Never fear, though – there are many more apps available that let you optimize the communication capabilities of your iPhone so you can get in touch from your virtual office or anywhere in the world.

  1. TruPhone is considered to be one of the pioneers of mobile VOIP. Their iPhone app is highly rated for its excellent-quality design and functionality. The app integrates with the iPhone’s GUI, meaning that you can use your existing address book to make phone calls using TruPhone. TruPhone offers the ability to use a 3G connection or wifi, free calls to other Tru users or Google Talk or Skype users, very low call and text message rates, free voicemail, call forwarding, and the ability to purchase an inbound TruPhone number. It is certainly an all-in-one VOIP solution.
  2. TruPhone is focused on vocal phone calls, but Fring is more of a video and group call solution. Fring offers free video calls to anyone, anywhere, whether you’re on a 3G, 4G, or wifi connection. It also offers free group video calls for up to four people at once, letting you collaborate with a group or catch up with several friends at once. There’s unlimited live chatting available for contacts on the Fring network or on other networks (AIM, MSN Messenger, ICQ, and Google Talk). You can call other Fring users anywhere in the world for free, and talk for as long as you want. Fring also offers low rates for calling non-Fring users.
  3. iCall is similar to other VOIP apps and providers in many ways, with one very useful distinction – when receiving a call while signed in to a wireless internet network, you have the choice to switch your call to iCall and save your phone plan minutes this way. It is also well-integrated with your iPhone phonebook, letting you easily transfer contacts.
  4. Twitterrific is an easy to use and well-integrated Twitter app – one of the best for iPhone. Keeping in touch with someone by phone isn’t necessarily the easiest or best way, for either party. Twitterrific integrates with TwitPic so that you can easily take a photo or choose one from your gallery to share straight from the app, without any complicated uploading procedures. An embedded web browser also lets you view links without leaving the app.
  5. Yammer is one of the best uses for modern-age technology is keeping up with work and getting more work done. Yammer is a free private social network for your business. It is free for any team size and lets users communicate, collaborate, and share easily and efficiently. With a large array of features and the app’s ability to update and view documents on the go, Yammer is a great choice for the travelling entrepreneur – for example, one who works from a Chicago virtual office, but visits several other locations.

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